Thursday, December 13, 2012

EC Day 10

How your friends and family feel about your riding.

I am not sure how to answer this one. 

It seems as though riding is my thing, that no one in my family cares to share with me.  Simon rides some, even has his own horse, but I don't think he loves it like I do. 

I think Tom feels a little left out at times, although he is always welcome to come with me.  It hurts his knee though, so usually he declines.  He does not grasp the concept of what I do at the arena's, or what I am trying to accomplish.  I know that he was really hoping I was going to get to try my hand at the last Ranch Horse competition, because he has never seen Trax work a cow and he wants to see it. He never complains though, about the money we pour into these ponies, nor about the time I spend riding.  I think that he appreciates how hard I work to care for them.

For the rest of my family, riding is just what I do. 

When I think about what my friends think, my first response is, "What Friends?"

But then I have Jamie, she loves that I ride because she loves to ride.

I have Jay and his wife Cody.  I love both of them, but it seems I spend more time with Jay, as he trims for me, and teaches me.  They totally support what I do, I'm sure.

My ex-husbands girlfriend and I are sort of friends, and she rides also, and we actually went to the clinic last summer together.  So she supports what I do.

I have friends in AZ but they have never known me when I had horses, so they don't know how much I love it.  Except Sharon, she is the one that I rode with all the time when we were kids.  She understands, even though she does not ride herself anymore due to a knee injury.

Like I said, this was a hard question to answer.


  1. Seems like a simple question but not such a simple answer.

  2. I find the same thing for me, and honestly it makes me sad! I wish my family and friends showed more interest in learning to do what I do! But they don't!