Sunday, December 9, 2012

EC Day # 6

List all your tack and riding clothes:

I was going to do this with pictures but decided not to, in lieu of freezing my butt off in order to take said pictures.


Saddle- Circle Y Show saddle. 15" seat. Not because I want the bling but because it fits me and my paint perfectly. Also seems to fit Danny Nicely.
Saddle- Circle Y roping saddle. This is actually Simon's, but is a 15" seat so I can use it as well.  Fits Sassy perfect.
Saddle- Martin Roping Saddle 17.5" seat.  This is Toms saddle but is the only one that really fits Big Killian, so if I ride him this is what I use.

Saddle pads- For Trax it is the contoured wool pad, Killian had a contoured Sheep skin, Sassy has a straight wool.

Head stalls- Nothing fancy, just regular old headstalls. I have several of them

Bits- one old mechanical hackamore, three d-ring snaffles (my main choice), one O-ring snaffle (don't care for it), one regular curb, and one curb that pivots in the middle, which is what I plan to graduate Trax to.

Breast collar.- to my recollection I only have one breast collar.  It is also a Circle Y with silver cross conchos on it.  I have a matching head stall to go with it, but since it is short for a gag bit I have not used it.

Cinch straps.  I like the foam padded cinch straps, the wider the better.


Pretty much jeans all the time, Silvers, Wrangler booty ups, some Cowgirl Up Brand, Ariat, Adikted, and Levi's 504 tilt.
For winter- hoodies with a Carhart vest.  I do have a sherpa lined carhart coat that I use when it is really cold.
I have chaps, but they are actually motorcycle chaps, but since they are lined they are great for horseback riding. 
For summer, t-shirt and sometimes still a vest if I need pockets. (would like to find a nice lightweight one)

For when I start competing in the RH classes, I have two snap up long sleeve western style shirts. One is olive green the other is some wild pink purple and orange snake print. (sounds ugly but is really quite pretty)

Gloves....which ever pair I can find both of!

Boots-  I have Justin them them
Twisted them except that the soles are a little bigger and sometimes get hung up in the stirrups.

Hat- I have 2 cowboy hats, one straw, one black felt.  I need a stampede string though, otherwise they just fall off.
Usually I wear the short brimmed "captians" style cap.  I have several, even one with fold down flaps for ear cover. (just ordered a second one of those)

I think that about covers it.


  1. Sounds like I am not the only one with lots of tack, lol.

    1. Its amazing how quickly I have accumlated it all, and I have even gotten rid of 3 saddles, to make room for newer ones.