Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Greetings from Arizona

Well we finally made it to Arizona, the drive was long but considering I had two teenagers in the back seat, it was pretty uneventful.  Thank goodness for laptops with games to keep those boys occupied!

Our first day here we went to Peoria and had an early Christmas with my Grand daughters.

Sophia, Gracia, and Catrina
 It was a wonderful time and delicious food. The best part was when the girls opened their presents.  I was told that all the girls love horses, so naturally from Grandma they all got horsey stuff.  The looks on their faces as they opened presents was priceless and absolutely why I love gifts. Not the getting part for me, but the giving part!

I got my oldest son Jesse and his wife each a nice leather jacket.  Their boys all got gift cards as they really like to do their own shopping.  My son Colton got a new bass guitar (he's a rock star ya know)  and then Simon got an electronic drum set drum set (with head phones).  He is in the percussion group in his school band and has been asking for his own drums for a while.    Tom was easy, he has been having back issues so I got him some "rollers" so he can lay on the floor and roll his back back into place.  He is kind of a scrooge at Christmas time so the surprised look on his face was priceless!   Everyone was thrilled with their gifts, so although now I am broke, I am happy!   Now comes the task of getting it all shipped back home.

It has been nice to be able to get up in the mornings and go for a walk with just a sweater on.   Of course I always forget to take my camera with me.  I do have few more days though.  So I will try to get some.
Here are a few pics I took this morning in front of the house.


The view of the mountain from our house
Holy Jumping Cactus Batman!

An artistic view of one of our saguaros
Welcome to our home!
Simon and Nate are panning for gold...and finding some!
Apache junction Mountain Police keeping the crowds safe at Walmart.
I really thought this was cool.
The Clydsdale in one of the grocery stores. 
 Now if only they would let us ride him for a quarter!

We were driving around checking out the neighborhood where our house is.
We got these two from the back side of Silly Mountain. 
Those views are worth millions!
I have not got to do a single Horsey type activity since we got here.  But tomorrow we are going out to San Tan Valley so maybe that will change now.  Even if it doesn't, I'll be ok. 
I got a call from the guy watching our horses.  It seems as though Sassy got bored and removed the tank heater and hid it.  He was nice enough to go by another, then of course, she brought the old one back. She is a bad horse.  Other than that I hear that all is good on the home front, so I can relax.  


  1. You have a son named Colton? I have a son named Colt! He's a musician too... guitars, drums, etc. Yup. Looks like you are pretty close to me. Send me an email if you have time to meet. We can go for a hike or something. Oh, but I put a fake email on my site because I was getting too much spam. It's my Google name

  2. Haha that's so funny about sassy. They have to keep themselves amused of course!

  3. I love your house! The front door is awesome. I really get homesick for the Southwest sometimes. Where in Arizona is your house? Those mountains are beautiful.