Tuesday, December 4, 2012

EC Day 2

What are your riding goals?

My short term goals are to get me and Trax both soft enough to ride in a bit with him running away with me.  As well as, of course, learning better communication skills through legs and seat.  I think if I can just keep my hands out of his mouth, we can go far.

My long term goal is the local ranch horse competition.  I hear there are going to be two here in Casper this year, and I am anxious to enter Trax in both.  These competitions are not as tough as the national competitions but maybe if I can get some experience here, when I move to AZ I can start working towards the real deal.


  1. Does he run away with you when he's in a bit, but not otherwise? That's interesting. Did he have a bad rider in the past? Has he had a good dental exam? Maybe his lip is being pulled into some sharp points or there's something else painful going on.

    I can't wait to get dental work done on my two donkeys and Scout. Scout had his wolf teeth out but nothing else, and he's almost 5 years old. It's past time. The donkeys have probably never had dental care. I think they really need it.

    Those ranch horse competitions look like so much fun! When you do it you'll have to have someone take pictures for us.

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Trax is a horse that is pretty much always on the run. He was ridden like a freight train most of his life and I'm sure his mouth was yanked on. With a snaffle he was head straight up and it took a lot to get him to stop. For the last few weeks, my trainer and I have been working on one rein stops, getting him to drop his head at the slightest touch, and just relaxing some. He has come such a long way in just a couple of weeks, and I doubt I will ever have to go back to that hackamore again.
      He probably does need his teeth checked, as he is about 10 or 11. Also I have noticed that he is biting treats and cubes in half with his front teeth first which he did not used to do. I'm guessing he has something going on in the back.
      You betcha on those pics at the RH comp! :)