Saturday, December 29, 2012

Time to go home....(sad face)

So it has been a great trip, a lot of going here and going there, and truthfully I'm exhausted!
One of the cool things we did was look at a different house.  It was out in San Tan Valley.  We have a wonderful house here already, but quickly after buying it we realized that we were not going to have enough room for all of Tom's stuff.  I suggested he downsize a little.  He looked at me as if I had lost my mind.

So anyway the place we looked at was wonderful, with a lighted arena, round pen, tack room, wash area, irrigated pasture, four great big stalls with shelter, and four more smaller stalls also with shelter. the house was very nice and even had a great dog yard.  For me personally it could not have been any more perfect.  Whether or not we will pursue this property remains to be seen, but I will sure keep my fingers crossed!

What was interesting was the lady who lives there with her husband is actually a vet here in AZ, and she used to work with one of our favorite WY vets (who recently relocated to NM)  and her dad is a very well respected farrier and trainer in the valley, who I have heard of before.  So it was very cool to talk with her a little.

Today we fly home. I hate flying....with a passion!  Luckily it is a short flight.

I will have a few more pictures to post when I get home.


  1. That house sounds great. When I was house hunting I looked at a house that belonged to a vet, and every horse person I have met since then knows both the property and the vet well. It's been surprisingly cold this week. I wish it had been warmer for your visit, but I'm sure it's still much warmer than WY. Have a safe trip back.

  2. Fair sailing on the way home. Weather is even Decent!!!