Thursday, December 20, 2012

EC Day 14

Your Dream Barn or Farm:

This one I can answer easily! :)
My dream barn would be designed to cater not just to physical health and ease of care but for mental health as well. 
Acres....lots and lots of acres of good grazing.
Acres fenced off so I could put groups of horses out each day for grazing and socializing.
Shelters in each paddock in case of foul day time weather.
Arena's, one indoor one out door. Both with lights. I guess if in a very warm location, one covered one not.
Location:  someplace warm, far enough in the country for easy access to trails.
Two round pens, at least.
Barn would have stalls down each side with doors facing in and then doors facing out going out into runs/pens or small paddocks so horses can go either in or out.  No horse would ever be forced to be confined to a small stall unless required by vet. All doors would be large enough to get a small tractor through for thorough cleaning.  All stalls would be made out of horse safe materials and be designed so that no horse ever felt isolated.
 Nice tack room.
Automatic waterers.
Nice wash area with rubber mats.
If in a state that has really hot dry summers, I would want a misting system.
I guess that although I do not believe in cross tying, many people do, so a place for that would be important.
plenty of trailer parking that is easy to get in and out of.
roof vents and fans to remove any toxic fumes and let hot air out.

My house would have to be built so that I could see the paddocks.  I want to be able to look out my window and see the horses.

I think that about covers it!

Anyone got a million bucks I can borrow?  LOL

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  1. Sounds perfect, keep on dreamin :) Can I moe in when you build it???