Monday, December 3, 2012

Killian Learns Psychokinesis

Yesterday after my ride while I was cleaning stalls, I came into Killian's pen to find this:

Hey, they are in my pen, that makes them mine!

I cannot figure out how he manages to get all three feed tubs into his pen. One is his, one is Sassy's and one is Trax's.  This is not the first time I have found him like this either.   At first I thought maybe the wind but they have to be flat to get under the panels.   All I can figure is that since he can't bully the others out of their food now, he just concentrates hard enough to move the tubs with his mind!

Speaking of wind....last night we had one of the worst windstorms I have seen in a while.  I mean the wind always blows here, but it was so strong last night I kept hearing things from down the road blow against our house.  It seemed like it was blowing about 60 mph. Naturally I was terrified for my ponies. I didn't sleep much.  Naturally they just stood inside and waited out the storm like good ponies do.  Of course the water tubs are full of dirt now.  As soon as the there was some light I was out there, checking everyone over to make sure no one got hit with anything.  Everyone made it through the night without trauma. 

Tom says I worry too much!

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  1. Hahahahahaha and he just stands there like "i didn't do anything"