Monday, December 17, 2012

EC Day 11

Find a Horse for Sale on Line that you would want to buy:

I am afraid that I am going to cheat just a little on this one.  Several months ago I was on and I found the most amazing horse.  I would have given almost anything to own this horse.  He is a 1997 stud Quarter Horse.  I'm not real big on owning a stud but would have made and exception for him.  He obviously is quite gentle, very well trained, she used him for all different things, and, if I remember correctly, even had video on her website of her using him to guide a trail ride, She was bareback on him and I'm guessing there were atleast a few mares in the group.  He is about as perfect a horse that I have ever seen in both looks and tempermant.

He was owned and trained by a talented lady named Sherry in Gilbert AZ at    It is my hope that when I move back down to AZ I will get to meet her.  I have emailed with her a couple of times.   I will also say that all of these pictures are her property, although I did get them off of bing images.
To go to Sherry's website click here  She had plenty of video's of him and of her other horses on there.  UPTDATE:  I apologize, that is the link to Major's page only.  HERE is the link to her page, I hope everyone takes a minute to check it out.  I really love what she does. I think you will too.
UPDATE # 2 :   I have just been in contact with Sherry who directed me to Majors new owners website. She says there are better video's on it than on her site.  Here is the link for that. 

So now, without further delay I present to you (drum roll please)


 Please look carefully at these two pictures of Sherry and Major running barrels. 
Note that she is not yanking on him, but simply guiding him.
I love that!
I am so impressed with her, through what I have seen on her website
and through the pictures I see of her. 
It is my understanding that Major ran some great times too, and won his fair share.

I do not know what he sold for but what ever it was he is worth it.


  1. Look at the loose rein on those barrels!! He's really beautiful! I love a beautiful palomino!

  2. I'm going to add that I go to often just to browse around. More than once I have seen a horse and thought, WOW, then opened the ad to find that it is one of Sherry's horses. So the fact that I keep going back to her horses over and over again without even realizing it, tells me that she is running a consistant program, that is very much like what I want from my own horses.

  3. He sounds very cool! I have been avoiding horse sale sites cause I always find something I like, lol and I don't need anymore (I have to keep repeating this to myself and I am almost believing it!)