Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Day To Myself

I don't have to stand around pretending like I am working for 4 hours  work today, so I am taking a day for me.  Well mostly for me.

CNJ was nice enough to give me the number of her farrier and he is coming out this after noon, but I fed my ponies first thing, and as soon as the boy gets off to school, I'm headed out for a training session with Traxster.

I'm rolling things around in my mind of what I would like to do with him today. First and foremost, the ride WILL be long enough to get him back in training mode.  Second I think that I really want to lose the spurs and go back to basics with asking him to stop and move off my legs.  The impatient person in me wants to get out there and really get to moving around a working on the fun stuff.  But the voice that I have learned to actually listen too, tells me to back up and go slower.  So that is what we will do.

A week or so ago I was driving home and there were a bunch of cows out and so I stopped and knocked on the door of the house whose yard they were in and told the guy his cows were out.  As it turned out, they were not his but belonged to the neighbor across the road. I assisted with the "round up" and we introduced ourselves briefly.

I told him where we lived and he asked if we had horses, so of course I told him.  (duh, when am I going to pass up a chance to talk about my Trax)  I told him I am trying to get into ranch versatility.  He told me that he has a string of bucking horses and bulls and that on Wednesday nights they run practice.  He invited us to come over any time.

Last night as we were driving home from football practice the corner where he lives is wall to wall pick ups.  Young cowboys were headed to the pens with their bags of gear, old cowboys were on the pick up horses, and the cloud of dust was huge.  I wanted to stop and watch but knew I needed to get home and let my doggies out. (must get doggie door soon)  At least I thought I might want to watch.  In some ways I am not sure.  It is very possible that I don't want to see what really goes on there.  Does that make sense?

Well the sun is coming on high and the temps are rising, time to get my butt in gear!


  1. Ok, I almost missed this in all the horsey talk. SCHOOL? Already? Yuck! I remember it usually started around now in Albuquerque. Glad we still have a little time around here. I wonder why though. Maybe because we're still in the middle of harvest and a lot of the kids are helping farm.

    I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to watch what's going on at the neighbors, but I'm admittedly pretty sensitive to that kind of stuff.

    Glad you got to ride today, even if it was too hot. :)

    1. When I was a kid growing up in AZ we started school right after labor day. Now they start the first week of August and they get out the last week of May. Labor day was our last big hurrah before school started and we always went camping for a week, or something along those lines.

      I have always enjoyed bronc and bull riding on a professional level, but I also know that for the most part those animals, on a professional level are treated pretty well during their careers. It is what happens when they can't perform anymore that makes me ill. I'd be surprise if it was any different for the animals down the road.