Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I have to admit to suffering through a small bout of depression since moving here.  I had envisioned riding every day, and wanting to do things, but I don't.

I don't want to do anything.

It is nice and cool out this morning (ok well relatively cool) and I should be out with my horses. But I don't feel like it.

I don't feel like sweeping up the ever growing piles of dog hair in my house.  I don't feel like cleaning pens. I don't feel like finishing the last of the unpacking, and I darn sure don't feel like going to a job today!

I fell like sleeping...for a week.

Instead I got up at 5 had 2 cups of coffee, sat in the back yard and tried to change my mindset.  No it didn't really work, but in just a second I'll be out with the ponies getting them fed and the manure scooped. Not because I want to but because I have to.

I did take a couple of pics this morning.

This is the gorgeous sunrise that was present as I sat in the back yard with my dogs

My herd in their pens wondering why they cannot go and graze in the pasture.
Interestingly enough, I have not seen Killian make ugly faces at Danny in a while.
They spend a lot of time at the fence together just hanging out.
I always wonder what they are talking about.
 I chose to sit in the back yard today, so I could watch the sun rise.  The down side of that is that the mosquito's are worse back there. So it was a great chance to try out my new weapon.

It is the little thing that supposedly creates a bubble barrier around you that the little suckers
cannot penetrate.  FYI- it only works if you are sitting still, and only if the dogs are not
waking all the mosquito up out of the grass.

When Jamie was here with us, she showed me a great way to keep the little buggers off of you.

Rub yourself down with a bounce dryer sheet and then stick it in your hat
or your bra, or your shoes or where ever.
It works much better than spray and you smell good too. 
Did I mention that I have rose bushes?  No?  Well ok then, I have rose bushes.  Or at least I have what is left of rose bushes.  I love roses and have always wanted to have some growing in my yard. Now I do and guess what?  I have no idea what to do with them.
They had bloomed beautifully before we moved here, but I didn't get to see it.
All I got to see were a bunch of dead buds. 
I think I am supposed to prune them back so that they can grow again.  I guess I need to google it and see what I come up with. 

Well now the sun is up, and it is time to get moving.  ARGH!  Why can't I just hide under the covers today?


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I moved well over a year ago and I still don't feel like doing anything. It takes a long time to recover from the stress. I'm supposed to put my other house up for sale, but dread opening Pandora's Box by making the first phone call.

  2. Actually that does help, not that I wish this feeling on anyone, but I do take some comfort in knowing that I am not just being lazy.

    1. Not lazy at all! When you look outside and it just LOOKS HOT! It's hot and nobody feels like going out to do much.

  3. I agree with NM, moving is hard. Moving with a whole herd of horses, dogs and kids is VERY hard. Give yourself some time, relax, do something fun. And remember the roses will be blooming next year. This year, you will have rose hips to gather, they're very good for you:)

    1. What are rose hips? and what do you do with them?

  4. I think when we make any change, the time of adjustment can be hard. It's that way with me. It takes me a while to get into a routine and make peace with the changes. I hope you feel better soon. Thanks for sharing that gorgeous sunrise with us!

  5. I am sorry you are depressed. Once you get into your job and you are feeling appreciated, I'll bet you will get in a better frame of mind. Taking pictures of the wonderful world around me gets me happy. Go out and just walk and look at nature....most of the time, even when you are feeling blue, you will come back home feeling a ton better...and blessed!

    The rose bushes....get you some rose food...cut the limbs down to the first group of three leaves...right above them....I mean just as close to the first group of three leaves as you can get....the first group of three leaves that faces the direction you want to limb to grow. And don't water the leaves very much. At least mine are that way....inclined to get black mildew on them. That will make them sick...not kill don't get discouraged. Most rose bushes will withstand a lot of neglect and come back looking wonderful when you have the time to take care of them.

    1. Good info on the roses, and you are right, my pictures did help some.

  6. Oh, and that was a gorgeous sunset!!!! And I didn't know that about the Bounce.

  7. Beautiful sunrise! Just the fact that you're up and awake to see the sunrise is more than I can say...I'm up at 7 most days, 6:30 if I'm particularly perky. :) My hubby always tells me that I miss out on the most peaceful and beautiful time of the mornings. Probably true, but I'm a sucker for those extra snooze moments...

    You are not lazy. Not even! You seem to be on the go, doing, doing, doing more than most people by a significant amount. are human and occasionally a human needs to get quiet and take some rest; recharge and rejuvenate from all that busyness. You know? I can totally relate to how you're feeling. If I'm not keeping active, accomplishing things, cleaning, working, making progress on projects - all the time - I can start to feeling like I'm lazy. Just like you're feeling. But, who the hell says that we're supposed to be "doing" all the damn time!? Seriously. Why do we feel like that? It's just wrong. Life is too damn short. Life is supposed to be enjoyed, and in able to enjoy, we need to have some quiet time. It's okay. In fact, I feel like it's absolutely vital to our overall sense of well-being and long-term physical and mental health. We need quiet, we need peace and we need time for ourselves. It takes practice to become a human being...not a human doing. :) And in my case, chocolate.

    1. I like that.... A human Being instead of a Human doing.

      Mmmmm, chocolate!

  8. Yes you need to trim them back but not right now. My mom has a yard full of gorgeous roses and when she does hers, I will let you know. The feed bags from pellets work great for putting the trimmings in and we have several if you need any.

    The sunrise and sunsets have been gorgeous but the mosquitoes are horrible. I got eaten alive the other night trying to drive. Screw that!

    1. Thanks, I will not mess with them yet then.

      Yeah I keep saying I'm going to ride after football, but by time we get home, I'm ready to just vegetate.

  9. Yep yep yep, it's hard to move, even when you really want to! Be kind to yourself. That's a gorgeous sunrise :)

  10. Do you know what kind of rose bushes they are? I have some that re-bloom a couple times per year, without pruning, so maybe they'll get some new blooms soon. I have been told to prune mine before new growth begins, so like around February or so, and I just mow them down to about 6" above the ground. It all depends on what kind of roses they are, of course.

    Don't pressure yourself to do anything you don't want to do. Enjoy the sunsets, be "lazy" and give yourself some time to adjust. Before long you'll be back to your energetic self! :)

    1. I don't know. All I know is that some of the blooms are yellow or white, and some are reddish. And they have thorns.

  11. I hear you on the depression. And I know that even though you don't want to take care of the horses or work, it's good to have something you have to do. Helps get through it. Helps me anyway. Even while I complain about it. :)

    I love the look of your new place. Very nice! I wonder why Killian isn't so cranky toward Danny. That's interesting.

    My mom used to say you had to pick the old rose heads to keep them blooming, and she had very nice roses. Didn't work for me, but my one "domestic" rose bush is only a year old and it's struggling from lack of care.