Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunday- Equine Spa Day

Saturday night we had a small birthday party for Simon, so my day was filled with cooking and cleaning and trying to make my house appear as though we might actually live here.

Sunday though was my day, and except for irrigating our pasture for the first time, I was able to pretty much do as I pleased.

Who'd have thunk that a ditch full of water pouring into our pasture could be so exciting for me!  I couldn't believe how quickly the ground soaked up all the water though.  I mean it was gone in an hour.  But it already looks greener this morning than it did before.  It has not been irrigated in a long time, several months I know, so I was surprised that there was any grass at all.  I will keep the horses off of it for a while to give it a chance to really grow, and we will irrigate weekly for a while. Once it comes back we should be able to cut back some.

After we finished that, we came in and I took a little nap.  I love naps!

Then I decided it was time for some long past due grooming on the ponies.  I ended up buying some of the "Shoo Fly" fly spray before we left WY. It is good stuff, thick and oily so it sticks well, but everyone's coats were icky and sticky and full of dirt and crud.

So I brought each one to the dog yard (so as to maximize water usage) for a "Spa Day"

Killian is the great pretender. The minute I turned on the water he backed up at mach 9 acting like I was spraying him with some sort of skin burning acid.  I know for a fact that he has had many baths and is not really afraid of water. This is how he tries to get out of things.  He acts afraid.  He is so good at it too, until he finally realizes that I am not going to buy into his game. Then he stands quietly and even drops his head so that I can wash his face.  He doesn't even mind being sprayed in the face.  Such a goof ball.

Super Shiney! 

The gratuitous tail shot.  

Next was Sassy, she loves baths. She stands quietly and thrives off the attention.  I tried to get a picture of her lovely head but she wasn't cooperating for that. She was ready to have her turn at grazing.  I forgot to mention that last week I got a text from her former owner, who was just checking up on her.  We chatted for a long time, she says that Sassy looks just like her dam, only a different color.  We talked about her lameness and she apologized for giving me a horse with problems, but I told her it was not her fault.  She wasn't lame when I got her, and it is just one of those things that happens.  She told me that she hopes to get another horse out of the same dam from the guy in Texas who bred her.

Then it was Danny's turn. Poor Danny kind of gets a little neglected.  In the grooming dept I mean.  He rarely ever goes anywhere, so his main and tail were turning to dread locks. Danny really has never cared for baths, and especially hates getting his face washed. He kept trying to leave, I mean like if I turned around to grab the soap or the brush, when I turned back he was headed out of the grass and over to the gravel area behind us. I'm not sure where he thought he was going as there is fence all around, but he was getting the heck away from me.  I also found that he has a sore spot from the fly mask, so I had to leave it off for a while.  It must have just happened because I check them every couple of days for rub marks.  I put some natures edge on it to help it heal.

Looking alright for a horse his age. 

Finally I did Trax. By time it was his turn I was sun burnt, tired, and covered in bug bites, so I'm not sure I put as much effort into him as I did with the others.  Not that it matters anyway, even though I waited till he was dry to put him away, he immediately rolled in the dirt. The others didn't.  I some times wonder if the other horses make fun of him for having so much white, so he gets dirty to blend in with the others. LOL  He is getting better about baths. Still doesn't like to have his face sprayed, but loves to have it washed. I think it must itch a lot and the scrubbing feels good.

Love that butt

I was trying to get him to lift his head for a better picture.
This is him expressing his displeasure at being pulled away from the grass!
In other news, TC is headed back to WY for a week so I am on my own.  I was called on Friday for 2 different interviews.  One I did Friday and they guy wants to hire me. It is as a part time cashier for a Ranch Supply store. It will work into more hours though and possibly even "Head Cashier". So that isn't bad. The other interview was for today for an office manager position.  They just called and canceled. I guess they already hired someone. Um....ok?

I have put in a lot of resume's and no one really seems to be interested in me except the Ranch Supply store, so maybe that is where I am supposed to be.  The guy said they are looking to open another store closer to my area, so perhaps if I do well at this store I can work my way into a management position in a new store.  I don't know.  I'm a little discouraged, but have faith that God will provide as long as I keep doing the foot work.

When I first started applying, and you have to do everything on line, I thought, "Great! Saves money on gas!"  But now I see that it hurts me more than helps me.  My resume' is decent, but as a general rule it is who I am as a person that gets me in the door.  Once I get in the door, I have no problem showing that I am right for the job, or that my skills, are every bit of what I say they are.  If I can't "sell myself" then chances are I will be passed over.  The reason the guy at the ranch supply store wants to hire me, is because I walked in and handed him my resume' and we talked.  It took 3 minutes of telling him about myself to convince him that I would be an asset to his company.

Speaking of this job potential, it is time for me to get dressed and go take my physical for this cashier job.

Hope everyone had a great weekend..


  1. "spraying him with some sort of skin burning acid"


    good luck with the new job and the continued job searching - when the time/employment is right, you know it will all fit :)

  2. I think it would be fun to work in a ranch supply store, especially if you get an employee discount!

    Love the picture of the flood irrigation. That's a neat way to do it. Do you have to pay for the water?

  3. Oh that wouldn't be too bad a job, specially if he opens a store in your area. I too found I was better when meeting the people rather than just calling or sending in a resume. I cant even imagine looking for a job now that I have not worked for so long.

    I sure would like to give all my ponies baths but I am not up to that long a day (some have never had a bath before, lol) And I see them "bath" themselves in the dugout so that has to count for something.

  4. That was a good bit of work washing all those horses! They all look wonderful and healthy too. Bet they appreciated the bathing and attention far more than what they let you know...not to mention the grass. :) Glad you've got irrigation because that soil sure is dry and sandy looking. I can see why you're excited about having water. I would be too! Everything is so different now days with all job searching being done online. It's just not the same when there's no face to face - how would anybody ever know who they're dealing with? But I completely agree with you, you do your part and God will handle all the rest. He will put you right where you need to be. Just have faith, and in the meantime...enjoy your freedom girlfriend!

  5. I know I'm way late...catching up on blogs!

    But I find myself doing the same thing with interviews. I'm great face to face but its hard to stand out among a bunch of faceless applicants!!