Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Desk

As we started searching for furniture to replace the stuff we gave away, we decided to go ahead and hit the antique stores first to see if we could find some cool and unique pieces that we really liked, before settling on junk that we didn't want.  We hit many stores and found a great entertainment center type thing that looks as though it is made out of old barn wood.  It is new construction but is very rustic looking and was a fair price so we brought it home. We also found an empire style dresser made of cherry wood, that I just loved. The price was high but we did some haggling, and brought that home as well.

Yet as much as we looked, we could not find a desk that suited our needs.  TC had his heart set on a roll top desk. I was leaning more towards an old solid table with lots of space.  We found several roll tops but they were just too small and cheaply made.  So we made the decision last Sunday to make a run up to Globe and Miami. If you have never been there, and you get the chance....go!  What a couple of neat little towns.  

I have been there many times, even worked a week or so up there in a store called "Wild Bill's Emporium"  owned by none other than Wild Bill Stolzey. What a character he was!  I really just can't even describe what he was like, just an old desert rat who had been around since the dawn of time.  It seems like everyone in Arizona knew him, or knew of him. He was a legend in his own time. Bald head with a ring of white hair that stood straight out on end. He always wore old cowboy boots and in the summer sported along with those boots some lovely cut off polyester cut offs that he picked up at the haberdasher across the way. His shirt was always plaid button up, with cut off sleeves in the summer.  He knew more about antiques and treasures than anyone I have ever known.   The way we met is a story in itself which I will share another day. He has long since passed away, but no one who had ever met him, has forgotten Old Wild Bill

Anyway, I digress.

TC and I drove up and went to every store that was open. At the very first store we found exactly what he was looking for. A solid oak roll top mission style desk from the early 1900's I think.  We checked the rest of the stores just to make sure there wasn't anything we liked better, but there wasn't.  so we went back and purchased it for what seemed to be a fair price.  As they were loading it, I noticed it was starting to come apart in one spot. By time we got home is was coming apart in a couple of spots. By time we got it unloaded it was in pieces.


But TC being who he is, managed to take the next 2 days getting in back together and now I have a desk for our new computer. (love windows 8 by the way)

Taa Daa!!!!

I have to keep the tower and printer up on top but am able to bring my screen down to the desk level behind the key board and it works quite well.  I love it!

Now we just need to find a wood filing cabinet.  We found a set of 3 but they won't split up the set and it is more than we need, so we keep looking.

Slowly but surely we are getting settled in. We finally got set up for irrigation, so this Sunday we can irrigate and get that pasture growing.

Yesterday was so nice and over cast I took Trax for a quick spin around the block. Once he got over his bucking fit in the arena (before I got on him) he was easy peasy.

Danny managed to get into something and got a nice cut along his flank.  Not deep, but just enough to attract flies so I am keeping it covered with natures edge.  Killian's feet look terrible already, I don't know what it is with his hooves. They aren't even that long, but they are already chipping apart. So I need to find a good trimmer pretty soon.  I'm considering trying it myself, but am still leery of that.  We will see. I suppose I could get a file and at least file them down a little, right?

Met a couple of our neighbors already, this is a fantastic neighborhood. Very close nit and friendly. I love that!

My job search hasn't yielded anything yet, and I was getting frustrated looking in the east valley paper and on  There just wasn't much to chose from. Then someone said, "hey try craig's list"  Duh! Why didn't I think of that!  Today I applied at about 15 places within 10 miles of here, one of them even being a vet's office in Gilbert, which I think would be perfect!!!! So keep your fingers crossed for me.

Well time to go back to unpacking. My sons birthday is coming up and we are having a small get together for him this weekend and my house is still in boxes. Lots and lots to do!


  1. That's a beautiful desk! I love the look of a rolltop, with all the nooks and cranies. :-) Good luck on the job hunt!

  2. You found a beautiful desk; my husband inherited a roll top desk from his great uncle and we had refinished and love it.....So glad you came for a visit so I could find you....I love horses to put it mildly and your blog is a haven for me.....
    I look forward to visiting you often....

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I always love to make new on line friends!