Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Spurs- the voice- 4 very happy ponies

After watching my video like a thousand times, and picking out all the things I see that I do wrong, I am going to be implementing some changes.

A big one is going to be my spurs.  (besides all the other stuff I listed yesterday)

I see myself over using them, and I see him getting more than a little miffed. I don't blame him one bit.

Unfortunately no spurs at all has me having to actually kick him in the sides to get him to move off my leg.  Common sense tells me that it shouldn't be that way, but it is.

I saw a gal at the Ranch Horse show wearing a different kind of spur, and I was intrigued.

It was very much like this.

I like the ball end which I think would be a much nicer way to communicate to him that I need him to move, this way or that way. I know I would like it more if I were him.

Here is another version

This set (obviously) has a shorter shank. They are reasonably priced and once I am working I think I will try ordering a set.

I'm curious if anyone has ever tried these.

The down side to this is that there is a nagging little voice in the back of my mind that says "Wrong answer- you are still taking short cuts.  Slow down, go back to the beginning and teach him to move off the slightest leg pressure."  I suppose the fact that I can hear the voice is actually an up side. I think it means I'm finally getting a clue.

I rode after dark in the arena Friday night.  A few of my lights aren't working, but it was still plenty bright enough to see. Trax doesn't seem to care for being ridden after dark. In fact he doesn't seem to care to be ridden at all these days.  We have pretty much backed up to where we were when we first started working with Mark.

I understand all the reasons why, but still it is a tad annoying.   I understand that he hasn't been ridden at all since the show.  He is in a new place and it is hot and the bugs drive us crazy when we are riding- even with  spray.  The few times we have ridden since we got here were short rides which really doesn't even give him time to get into the mind set to learn.  So because I know all these things, I don't get upset at him, or even at myself. Right now I just roll with it, knowing that better days are ahead.

For now we just do things like this....

"Hmm, maybe this place isn't so bad after all"
"Bad???? Dude I think I'm in heaven!"

"Hey guys!  The grass is so tall here you can't even see me?"

"This grass makes me so happy I don't even feel like beating Danny up today!"

I swear Killian grazes like a swather. He mows back and forth in front of him just clearing a path.  It was kind of cool to be able to bring them out by the road and drop the lead ropes and just let them enjoy for a while. No one tried to leave, and there was not a single pinned ear between them.   I only let them graze for about 30 min though. I had pens to clean and it wasn't getting any cooler.  But I will take them out again either this evening or again in the morning.

Talk about 4 happy ponies!


  1. Funny I always thought Arizona was bug free! and look at all that grass! Learn new things every day

    1. AZ is nothing but bugs. The mosquito are particularly bad in our area because of the irrigation. Then we have a lot of bad spiders, centipedes, earwigs, scorpions, and tarantulas.

      I wish all of our grass was long like that. Unfortunately it is just the area out by our road.

  2. I have seen the ball spurs before, I think a lot of English riders use them.
    That is a lot of grass! I bet they are loving it :)

    1. Yes they seem to like it when they get to go out there.