Friday, August 9, 2013

At long last...the video!

Now that I am "techno" again, I was able to finally upload my video of the ranch horse show.  I didn't bother with the trail class as it was pretty boring, but I did do the ranch riding and cow work portion of the day.

I want to apologize ahead of time for the seriously bad camera work.  TC is so "not techno" and also kept forgetting that he was holding a camera.  So when the pictures sort of wanders off to  nothing, that is forgetting to watch through the screen.

Also I started before the judge was ready so they sent me back to start over. That was because I couldn't hear what they were saying.  Oh and that hat....3 sizes too big. LOL

Before I upload it here I want to give my own personal critique of what I see.

1. I HAVE GOT to let go of his face.  I am so used to checking him all the time, and he just pushes into it.  We have so much more work to do on this, and when I say we I really mean me.  There are times when I give him some rein, some times when I give him one rein, but I need to be giving him more rein.  It makes me cringe the entire time I watch this.

2. Flying lead changes-Or lack there of.  I check him down to do a simple lead change. When I do his head goes up and he fights the bit.  On this day I over heard a gal (who rides super well-btw) discussing with a less experienced girl all the reasons why checking down for a lead change is ass backwards for the way a horse moves physically.  So with that in mind, goal number 2 is to work on driving forward into those lead changes rather than checking down. Even though I do not actually know how to do goal number 2, I know I want to do it, and once I know that, I will find an answer.

3. Equitation-  What the hell am I doing up there? I'm bouncing around all over the place looking like a sack of potato's. Especially when we are working the cow. Why am I trying to fly with my elbows? Goal number three is to learn how to sit and ride like a horseman. Or more like one anyway.

I'm sure there is so much more but those are the big 3

Now some good stuff.

Watch his stops.  No he doesn't slide, but not once on any of the stops does he fight me.  Yes I am back in his face a little bit, but not near as bad as I have been in the past so that is progress. Yay!

I see him drop his nose some when we are working the cow. Not sure if I was asking for it, or if he was just doing it, but either way it is happening.  Always a plus.

When we are doing the circles to the right he really rates his speed well on the smaller circles.  He actually appears to be relaxed an enjoying himself. At least it looks that way to me, does anyone else see it?

The back up isn't bad. Not pretty but not bad.

So here is the video,

Feel free to offer up any constructive criticism on my riding that you may have. I know I need all the help I can get.


  1. That was really fun to watch. So much more interesting than boring old dressage tests!

    These are my thoughts, but keep in mind that I'm a dressage rider who hasn't worked a cow in over 15 years:

    Your seat is lovely. You're bouncing because your horse isn't put together. You're using too much rein, and not enough leg. Use your leg first, then................. your hand. The pause is deliberate!

    He really shines when he's on the cow. You have some beautiful moments where he is collected, but then it falls apart. Let him do his thing. Use his energy and excitement to your advantage!

    I love the hat. I wish we could wear cool hats like that in dressage

  2. Ahhh trax is so cute!

    Working cows is frustrating because no matter how good you are (not you, but anyone and everyone!) at staying off of their mouth and using your body, it flys out the window when your on a cow! Trax knows cows, just reinforce what he knows with those legs! And don't be a pansy about it, give him clear directions with your legs! (Remember, your the herd leader!) He wants you to tell him he's doing the right thing, and I do it so badly, I jump to reins before legs when I'm on cows. The rein's gonna get you behind the cow because they don't respond to rein like they do leg!

    When I worked cows on dakota....they told me to take the reins in one hand and just put my hand on his neck and lightly grip the saddle pad right over his wither....and get the legs on!!!! Why is it that cows make our equitation bad? I mean, come on! I do it too! I think its because cows are a commodity.....when we get to work them we want to make it perfect....which is annoying! I went sorting a few weeks ago (not on and I'll have to post the video :) I'm all over her face as well!

    P.s., thanks for checking in on me :) I just posted an update....pony is finally on the mend (I hope....say a prayer for us that its heading in the right way!) and I was too frustrated to post updates for a while :(