Monday, August 19, 2013

A little water does wonders

My new "bud-ee" and I have been having some conversation over a nice long drink of water.  We have become good friends and he has really opened up to me.

This morning over coffee and water he said he has enjoyed our time together so much and asked if he could bring a friend.  

Of course I said yes.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that his friend is quite lovely....

Even better, down the row a ways I think some of the other neighbors are going to start coming out to visit as well.

I'm not positive but I think that many of them are mini-roses. Or maybe their growth is just stunted due to lack of H2o.  I am doing my best to nurture them back to health.

Just goes to show that a little nurturing and water go a long ways.


  1. How lovely!

    The mini roses get to be about the size of a $.50 piece or older silver dollars tops, when they are fully opened up. My mom thought it just meant that the size of the plant never got that big. They can and do if not trimmed back, but the size of the flowers is pretty much the same. Her standard size roses are often the size of a softball, gorgeous and very fragrant.

    You might watch the water on the plants themselves as that will attract aphids.