Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The job

So far the new job is pretty nice. Everyone there says they love working for this company because they are treated very well.

The young gal who worked on training me today is another one of those young women who I believe is going to take over the world. She is truly an "old soul".  I enjoyed every bit of our time together, even though I didn't get to learn a whole lot.  We just don't have enough customers yet, but we will soon I am sure of that.

The man in charge of the equine dept is an old cowboy, who is quite knowledgeable about his products, and his customers. A great quality to have.

After I was done for the day, I decided to go pick up a new manure fork, since mine is missing rungs and all the poop falls out.  I also decided to just browse the the Equine section a little bit.  I always look at supplements and things along those lines when shopping through stores like this. I'm not sure what it is I am looking for, perhaps the miracle quick fix that I can give to Sassy to make her all better over night.  But really I was just looking.

As I was looking the old-cowboy-turned-salesman came up and asked if I was finding everything I was looking for.  I should have recognized that he was probably just honing his customer service skills, but for some reason all common sense left me.  It flew out of my brain and off into the sunset right at that very moment.

"Oh I don't know, I have a yard full of lame horses." (Why did I say that?)

"Oh? Lame from what?"

"We don't know, well we know one has stringhalt, but one is a mystery..chipped coffin bone...fixed...but didn' feet....supplement?" (This was my attempt at sounding like I had some sort of clue about what I was talking about)

"Well, you can feed all kinds of different supplements or you can feed one that has it all..."and then he switched into his sales pitch for Total Equine. (clearly undeterred by my total lack of a complete thought)

By this time my brain was reeling, I had no idea what I was doing there and just wanted to run.

"Is that anything like Platinum Performance?"

"Well I don't know much about Platinum Performance, but Total Equine is completely natural and has every nutrient a horse needs."

"Er...Um...full"  I'm really not sure what happened to my ability to form a full sentence.

At that point it became obvious to him that I was the token handicapped person that they hired in order to prove that they are as good as Walmart, and he slowly backed away being careful to avoid eye contact. As soon as he felt he was a safe distance away he turned and ran away as quickly as he could without being obvious that he was running from me.

I stood there wondering if I should go after him and try to tell him about my paint horse and all his baggage.

The mental image flashed across my brain (Crazy chick with poop fork chasing nice cowboy around the store " haven't told you about my crazy paint yet!  He was all messed up...fixed...still working...come so far.....3rd place!" As he dives into a stack of feed hoping to lose me.   Store manager comes and fires me for scaring his other employees.  I am removed from store and told never to come back.)

I decided I'd better just get the fried chicken out of there, and made a beeline for the register where I managed to almost stab someone else with my poop fork.  

That was my first real day on the job.

Thank goodness I have tomorrow off and don't go back till Friday.


  1. Sounds kind of like some experiences I've had lately! Sometimes I wonder where my brain went. Especially when I'm on the spot and someone's asking me to talk about me, or my horses' details.

    I bet at some point you and the old cowboy will be comfortable co-workers and look back and laugh.

  2. Too funny!

    I actually just accidentally found out you DO have a comment section by hovering over the space. It's all the same color on my screen. Weird. Anyway, I've been following your move and job search...and just didn't know how to find your comments.

    1. Ya know, I have tried to fix that color issue and no matter what I do it stays the same. I'll keep working on it.