Thursday, August 22, 2013

One more time

I have contacted a local vet and am taking Sassy in next week.  I have decided to take one more shot at getting an accurate diagnosis, and trying to heal her.  This will be the last time. I just cannot do this anymore. After hearing the entire story and seeing a couple of the past xrays, the vet did not seem real confident about the outcome of this situation.  So I am preparing myself for the decision I suspect I am going to have to make soon.

In other news, the new job is going ok.  Even the stern old cowboy guy seems to sort of not hate me.  LOL
I am learning the computer system and learning what products are where and what the products are.  In all the years that I have been buying horse feed, I knew there were so many, but to this day I don't know why one is better or worse than the other.  That is my goal. To learn these things.

I rode the King of the Fatties last night. That would be Killian.  As I brushed and saddled him he turned and looked at me and the words were clearly written on his face.

"Why are you doing this after dark?  You know there are monsters in the dark. We DO NOT ride after dark!"

He acted quite foolish to start, running around like a mad man, refusing to stop, refusing to turn, refusing to do anything but go where he wanted and drag me along with him.  It was sooooo not like him. I guess he was trying to convince me that this was in fact, a very bad idea.

But my foolishness outlasted his, and we pushed on. If he wanted to go every which way, we did just that.  We did so many serpentine's and pretty soon he was thrilled to go in a straight line. I asked him to trot and he did the not quite a canter trot, which I hate, but I rode it out and kept him going until he finally settled down into a nice easy trot.  And then we trotted more...and more....and more, until the sweat ran down his sides and onto the ground.

Killian is getting man boobs.  Danny has man boobs, but at his age has earned the right to have them.  Killian is still a bit young for man boobs, and so we will be building them into trotting.  Lots and lots of trotting.  He is so spoiled rotten from just hanging out in the pasture, pushing Sassy around and making mean faces at Danny.  Little does he know vacation time is over.

This morning I rode Trax.  He has a thing where he doesn't want to lunge to the left at a lope.  so we worked on that.  We lunged until he was soft in both directions. You know, back how he used to be.  Then we rode.  We did very little fancy stuff, just loped circles until they became easy circles. We did lots of trotting while flexing towards the fence. We did this back and forth until I could get him to flex with just the slightest touch of the rein.

At one point I looked over towards Danny's pen and noticed it was empty. It seems as though someone forgot to latch it when removing Trax.  If I catch that person I will kick her butt!

So Trax and I rode towards the arena gate. He moved right into position to open it but then did not want to stick around to close it.  Since I knew we were coming back and I needed to go find Danny, I let it go...this time.

We found Danny peacefully grazing out in the long grass by the road.  I didn't think he'd really go anywhere but then decided I didn't want to risk him getting hit by a car, so we herded him back in to his "home", and then went back to work.

This time I made Trax close the gate, and then we took some time to work on our rope gate.  He kind of relapsed a little, not being afraid, but just being stubborn, so we kept at it, till he executed perfectly on each side.

That got him a nice cool hose down (which he has decided that he loves now) and some pasture time.  He and Danny are out there right now.

Now I get to go do domestic stuff, but first I shall go check out some hay sources.  Much more fun that domestic crap!

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  1. Sounds like a couple of great rides! I spent some time with mine tonight. Very rewarding. :)