Monday, November 19, 2012

Another Plan Gets the Boot

Don't you just love it when a plan does everything EXCEPT for come together????

We managed to get ONE lousy post set Saturday.  It took us all day to work out the gates and how they were going to fit just right, and of course 4 more trips to town....I swear the most expensive part of the is barn is the fuel we burn up driving back and forth to town! We also lost a lot of time looking for misplaced tools.  We are nothing if not completely unorganized! LOL

I told Tom I would try to ride on Sunday instead. (I'm pretty sure Trax knew I had planned on riding because he made a point of stay as far away from as he could all weekend)  So we got up early, grabbed some breakfast and went straight to work.  The wind was only blowing about 40 mph, so we considered ourselves lucky that it wasn't 60 and kept forging ahead.  Then Tom's 91 year old mom called. She was headed to Casper with her nephew from Buffalo, and would be there in 2 hours.  She asked if it would be okay if she came to visit while he went to the heifer sale.  Well of course. 

As much as I really wanted to work on the barn and get it done and then go for a ride, it all seems very trivial when stacked up against a visit with a very sweet 91 year old woman.  Tom's mom is very spry for her age, gets around quite nicely, but even with that, at her age we never know if today's visit will be the last one, so we never pass on the chance to visit.

We took her shopping to a few different stores, and then went back to the house and visited some more.  Then when Jimmy called we went out for a bite to eat before the headed home.  It was a good time and I was so glad that Tom got to spend some time with her. 

I have to give some great kudos to my 13 year old son.  He decided it was his job to help her in and out of the car each time, and open her doors for her, and get the carts for her so she had something to lean on while she walked through the stores. I did not tell him he needed to, and neither did Tom.  He just did it.  Its funny, just about the time I start feeling like a total failure as a mom, he goes and does something like this that makes me so darn proud!

Also I managed to find these

For almost 50% off!!!
I'm funny about boots.  I love boots more than any other shoes in the world. I have many many pairs of boots,  dressy, comfy and cowgirl.  When it comes to dressy, I only shop the sales.  When it comes to comfy (like Uggs) I prefer to shop sales but will let myself out of the constraint if I find something I really like.  When it comes to Cowgirl boots, I do not care how much they cost. If I need them or I want them I buy them. 
I spent a little contemplation time on this yesterday, and I now understand why I am that way. 
Dressy boots, I do wear them to work, or when I go out to dinner or to other special events. But as a general rule, I rarely wear them out before they get given away or donated to goodwill.
My comfy boots, my ugg's and my bear claws, I like them, but they are not that flattering so I do not wear them as often either.
 My Ariats, and my Justin's, and my Twisted X boots.  I wear them until they literally fall apart.  Even then I still keep them in case I need to go out and do some really icky work and don't want to ruin my "new" boots.  I generally spend between 80 and 125 dollars on my cowgirls boots.  I get every pennies worth out of them and then some!
I have to say that these boots I just bought are quite comfy for heeled boots.  That makes them keepers in my book!
So our stall project is put on hold until Thanksgiving day.  (I know I know)  We planned on staying  home anyway.  I can throw a hunk of meat in the smoker and work through the morning and then we can eat.  With any luck at all I will only have to work half a day Friday and then load up and go ride.   I just don't know, what I do know is that getting upset over waylaid plans does me no good at all. It will get done when it gets done. 
I will  get to ride eventually.  When I do it will be without stress or regret.
Hope everyone has a great week. 

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  1. Those boots are super cute! I do the same thing with my cowboy boots!

    Theres really nothing like a comfortable worn-in pair of cowboy boots, the ones that just mold exactly to your feet and you can wear for days and not get sore in!

    Thats so great about your son! Isn't it funny how people can just have a sense about what they should do when it's someone they care about! Really brings out their true self!