Saturday, November 17, 2012

Final Update

Well I did finally manage to catch up with the owner of the stud pony last night. She was out there feeding and watering in the dark. 

We spoke for a bit, I asked her what the story was behind the little guy, and she said that she hates having to keep him there but it is what she has to work with right now.  I asked why he was tied to the fence and it was obvious from her tone that she was furious about that.  Not that I had asked, but that some one else had gone in and done that. She came out to feed and found the gate open and him tied.  She closed him back in and got him untied.  She said that the week before she came out there to find that one of her dogs had been cross tied and could not get to food or water.  Why she has the dogs out there I do not know. 

I did offer her the free fencing, but I told her that she will have to make the effort to come and take it down.  It is heavy wire Hog panels and capped T-Posts, with RR tie corners.  It will come down easily and is easily re-usable.  I gave her my number and she said she would call. I want to go over and put the fence up for her, but I cannot. I have my own horses to care for too.  If she really wants him to have a bigger dwelling then she will come and get it.  If not then she deserves to have him taken from her.

I would like to get to know her better, find out what the real story is behind this ordeal.  Is she just going through a rough patch right now?  Is she always this irresponsible of a pet owner?  For all I know she is blowing smoke up my skirt, or maybe she is being honest.  My problem is that I tend to take people at their word until I have proof that they are liars.  Sometimes, it gets me into situations I'd rather not be in.

The main thing is this, I don't have any control over what she does and doesn't do with her animals, regardless of whether or not I agree with her methods. What I do have control over is me, and how I react to what I see.  I feel like offering assistance to her was the right thing to do.  It made me feel right about what I am willing to do to help another horse lover.  I would like to offer to bring him to my house where the pen is, then he would have shelter too.  BUT I have to consider the safety and health of my own horses, plus if her little stud got hurt by one of my horses, then I would be liable. So I have to draw the line as well.  Its a funny place to be on a tight rope of wanting to treat others as I would like to be treated, and being the protector of my own herd. 

Now I am off to work on my own stalls and then Tom says he is going to make me ride to day!  Cleared it with the arena owner today, he says nothing is going on down there, so to come on down.  I will take Trax and Danny, and see how Danny does on a short ride in some nice dirt. I will try to get pictures.

Have a great Saturday everyone.

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  1. I been reading your whole story about this pny and I thing you did the right thing. I am the opposite of you, I am very suspicious of people until they show me they are trustworthy. But either way I hope she does something for him (like gelding would be a good start)