Friday, November 30, 2012

My Find of The Week

I have no news about my herd today, other than that they all seem to be fat and happy.  Killian poops more than any horse I have ever seen, Sassy is doing much better on her bad foot, Trax still follows me around like a lost puppy, and Danny gets mad if I don't bring his food into his stall where he is waiting. Today I put it out in the run and he refused to come out to eat.  He just stood there pawing at the mat.  I finally went in and pushed him out.
Silly old man!
Anyway, lunch breaks are probably bad for me, because it seems to be when I get myself into the most on-line trouble.  I found this website called  which all different kinds of western accessories for your home, your horse and for you and your kids.  While browsing the new arrivals I saw "FarmGirl Gracie Jean"
Farm Girl Makes Jeans?????
I love Farm Girl Brand clothing.  The hats, the shirts, the sweatshirts....ALL of it!  I buy them at the local feed store, preferably off the closeout racks, as I try hard to be frugal.
First I tried to google
just for the record
DON'T DO IT!!!!!!! 
I found myself at some very disturbing websites
which even just the titles were enough to make me ill.
So I tried again
Yup!  There they were and OMG how cute!  Look at the little snaps at the bottom.
 (these pics came from Rods, but FG has a better selection of sizes)

Not a lot of bling which is what I usually prefer, just a nice simple boot cut pair of jeans. 
I am also a lover of cool hats. And then I saw these.
I actually have a red and black plaid version of this which I love but it doesn't go with much of my wardrobe.  This will go with most of what hangs in my closet.
I'm calling this a "must have" .

Some days when I ride in the winter, it really is just wicked cold. 
This would be perfect.
THEN I started looking at the prices.  I can buy direct on-line for the same price I pay on the closeouts and actually get the sizes I want.  AWESOME!
I am thrilled to have found this website and can't wait until I can afford to buy a couple of things.  
I wonder what I will find at today's lunch break.
Have a great day everyone!  

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  1. Glad to hear all the horses are doing well!

    I wish your "must have" hat came in other colors. It would be perfect for a farm call on a cold day but I can't wear red (my complexion is too red) and I'm not much of a pink kinda girl. My budget is more of a stocking cap budget anyway, so I guess it's good they don't have a color I like!

    Those are nice jeans! I'm with you, I don't buy jeans with bling or especially with buttons on the back pockets. Marks up my pretty saddle. :) Of course now that I'm a working girl I guess I won't be putting my butt in the saddle as much. :(