Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Killian learns to undress himself

I had the blankets on the ponies for a couple of days.  It was only 30 out this morning so I knew it was time to get them off. With as thick as their coats are it is easy for them to get too warm underneath.
I decided it would be a good time to get some pics of them in their "jackets".
 Here is Sassy wearing hers.  It is more of a dress than a jacket.  I do not care for this one, I bought it in a pinch from the feed store, although this is the 3rd winter and it has held up well.  I just don't care for the style or the fit.  I have to tell you that the first winter was a treat getting her to let me put it on.  She was halter and trailer broke and that was it. Now she stands quietly for me, while I get her dressed.  She has come a long long ways.
 Note the smug look on Killian's face as I asked him where his blanket was.  His basic response was, "I'm not telling."
 Sassy took me right to it.  She wanted him to get in trouble I'm sure, although I suspect that she was instrumental in helping him get it off.  Here's the thing.  The surcingled strap is still in tact but un-hooked.  The front of this style is closed, so you have to slide it over his head to get it on or off.  When I imagine that whole scenario of him and Sassy getting that over his head...well I'd pay big bucks to see that show!!!!
 Simon blanketed Danny and put the wrong blanket on him, but it has a belly band so I left it. He likes wearing blankets I think.  He never messes with them, Here he is at the gate to greet me.  Do you see the big hole in the bottom corner?  I don't like that the horses can get up there where that is at.  This weekend the gate is getting moved down to block them from the sides or back of the barn, which is dug into the hill.
 I think Danny looks good in red, don't you?  But see the leg strap hanging down?  Somehow he keeps getting his stringhalt leg through that strap. I never have that problem with his regular blanket.  So from now on he will have to look good in green.
 I forgot to take Trax's picture before I took his blanket off.  Can you see him watching me through the slats?  He never takes his eyes off of me when I am out there. I'm not sure if it is because he likes me or because he wants to make sure I'm not coming with a halter to catch him.  Probably option 2.
 He stopped eating to pose for this picture. Every time I see him I fall in love with him all over again. 
He is not the horse that everyone falls in love with.  
But I think I understand him better than most.  
 Killian's future stall is still being used as tractor storage so I found a great new way to store my blankets, temporarily.  But it gave me a great idea to add blanket hangers in the storage area.  Putting that on the list for this weekend. I tried to fold them up neatly first, they were not cooperating and I was late for work.
 This is Karney.  He is an 8 week old Irish Wolfhound puppy.  My neighbor just got back from Oregon with him.  I cannot wait till we can start taking him to shows. (I love dogs shows)  He is going to be a big winner.  Both his parents are champions, and I can tell already he has wonderful conformation.
But for now he is just 30 pounds of cute cute cute! These pics were taken with my cell in a dark room and then I had to try to light them.  So they are not very good.
So I am out of my funk, which is good.  I hate being that way.  I'm wondering if it is directly related to the weather. It is warming up again and I am feeling better about life in general. 


  1. I love that killian was able to undress himself without harming the blanket! At least he was naughty in a nicer way! Thats sooo funny!

    1. Yes much better than kicking me like he did the other day. Still haven't figured out what that was all about. Completely out of character for the big guy. He is generally a rock!

      Yes I was quite happy to find the blanket in one piece instead of in shreds!

  2. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!! I love meeting horsey people, but especially middle-aged horse crazy and dog loving women!! *happy dance* Your horses are beautiful and that new puppy is just adorable!! You got him in Oregon?? That's where I live!! Long way to drive for a puppy...will be fun getting to know you and your critters.

  3. Thanks for coming by my blog as well. I'm like you, I like meeting more people as well. I have been to your blog a few times, but I think that was the first time I had ever commented. I look forward to getting to know you as well.
    I wish the puppy was mine. He belongs to my neighbor who has Arabians and Bassetts. But she is getting up there in years now and has a much harder time getting around, so when I said we, I meant as in her an I, because I get to go help. With as big and as fast as this boy will be I suspect she will have a hard time showing him. She has already hinted that she wants me to be her handler.

  4. What an adorable puppy! I love Irish Wolfhounds. Hope you're able to share lots of pics of him with us as he grows!