Friday, November 16, 2012

Neglected Colt update

I ran home for lunch today to check on Simon who is home with a belly ache.
On my way back Istopped to check on that little colt in the tiny pen.
I have not been able to catch anyone there since my last post, although I look everytime I drive by.
Today I was really angry
Not only is he in the little pen still but they have opened one side of it so all the horses can get in but they tied him to the fence right over the water tub.  So he can get his head down to drink, but he can't even take a step.
First I called my neighbor who knows someone who might know the owner of this horse.  She was going to try to get a contact number for me.
Then I called animal control again, they said they would go out again.
Neighbor called back and said according to the person she knows, several authorities are after this lady.  BUT I consider the source, the person is a known story teller.
So, if I go home tonight if he is still that way I will have to call the brand inspector and see if there is anything he can do.
Maybe I will call him today, while it is light out to see if he can go by. 
Here are my fears....If one of the mares goes in and tries to hurt him, he cannot run away.
He is just tied to a panel, which could easily move, so if he pulled on it, it could come down on top of him.  Being tied to the panel, if the panel moves he could get caught up in it and get hurt.
I really dont like this.

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