Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Random Photo Montage

 The sky is on Fire
 My sweet old dog Butch, all cozy and comfy....
 ....the rest of the picture, "A boy and his dog"  (well my dog really)
 Mr Smarty Pants and Butchy
 Mason is trying to hypnotize Tom into sharing his crackers with him.
 "You are getting hungry, you will go the cabinet and bring back food...."
 Note the bent fence and the perfectly grazed line- I keep telling  my neighbor he does not need to waste time mowing, my "yard crew" would do it for free!
 I took this last night.  There was a thick fog over all of Casper, but from our house
it looks like the whole city is engulfed in smoke. The pic does not do it justice.
Here are a few of Sassy's deer friends.  They were in the neighbors yard this morning.
She will not get to vist with them any more as they would have to go past my dog yard to get to her. 
They are friendly but not that friendly.

I tried to get a picture of them going over the fence but I was just a second too late. 
They can seriously fly when they want too! 

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