Monday, November 12, 2012

Proactive vs. Reactive

Reactive = Sitting around grumbling about my broken straps on my blanket.  Phrases like, "I'll never shop there again."  or " Those Blankets suck"  tend to go along with being reactive.

Proactive = Going on line to search my order history, getting the exact model of blanket and calling SStack and explaining what happened. I was kind and curtious as was the young lady on the other end.  My new clippy thingies are on their way. 

So, I will shop there again, as I really like the blankets and obviously they stand behind their products.

I also have to tell you that I have hung my head in terrible shame today.  As my friend has spent the weekend trying to help his children deal with the suicide of their mother, I had the audacity to whine and complain about the stupidest most petty things in the world.  I just found this out today.  
I am so lucky that my life is so easy. Many prayers go out to this great guy and his family as they try to sort through this.  May God bless them with light and help them reach some sort of understanding.

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  1. That is so hard. I had a friend in high school who's mom attempted to commit suicide, and it was super hard to deal with, even though she survived!

    Its so easy to get caught up in life's everyday trivial things, and it is such a reality check to be reminded of what is important. At least you have the sense to think about that!