Friday, November 2, 2012

The "List"

Today I was working up the list of all the things that I really need to get done this weekend. Keeping in mind that the trip for haycubes set us back an entire week on the "git r dun" track.
Here is my list:

Build Horse pens
Billing for the month of June for a concrete company (us billing them so they will pay up)
Pick up 2 weeks worth of dog poop in the back yard (again nothing got done last weekend)
shovel horse poop
replace steering stabilzer shock on the new jeep
clean my dog hair covered house
2 weeks worth of laundry
Bake pumpkin bread (with left over pumpkins)
Help my 18 year old move a car (he asked to borrow my truck and trailer- but I am not comfortable with that)
exercise 4 horses
payroll for 20 employees
Billing for 2 other customers (only a weeks worth each though)
Pick up the last of the construction trash from the barn and bathroom jobs
Help neighbor get her winter haycubes put up (she is leaving town on the 6th so we have to get it done before she leaves-she is 72, which is why she needs help)

Of course I will have help from Tom and hopefully Simon, but I look at this list and think, "Sheesh!  No wonder I'm always tired!"

Now please don't think I am complaining because I really am not.  I am excited to have the barn and I wouldn't give up my ponies for nuthin....or the dogs...the kid??? Well maybe (just kidding)

Sometimes though I just wish the days were longer.

Last night I sat and did nothing but watch TV.

I felt guilty. 

Oh yes my reason for pushing on. 


  1. Hi Cindy, thanks for stopping by my blog! Took a look at some of your posts; I like your stall dividers, I need to do that in my mare shelter(its a 20 ft X 60 ft overhang from a big shop)but I need them removable for a summer run in, and in place to make 3 separate pens at foaling time.
    I see you are in Wyoming- here as the link to another Wyoming blogger, Jake's Ramblings
    a cowboy and his wife.

    1. Thanks Shirley, for that link. I will check it out. Thanks for coming by also.
      My stall dividers are semi- permanant, but could be removed relatively easily. The white is vinyl instead of wood as some of my horses are bad ponies. They ate my last barn, but that was mostly particle board, so I expected it. I like being able to separate at feeding time but still allow them to feel lke they are not alone. They do so much better mentally that way.
      I think that for really mobile dividers you cannot beat those premade panels. That is what we are using for our runs incase the next owner of this house does not want stalls but something different.