Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Photo Montage (with captions!!!)

Well I/we did get quite a bit of my list done this weekend. 
We were a little set back behind schedule on Saturday because Tom had to go haul some asphalt first.  I wanted to complain but asphalt and clean fill dirt paid for our barn, so I kept my mouth shut. 
Sometimes I'm smarter than I look!
While he was doing that (and fighting dead batteries on his dump truck) I went ahead and got other stuff done that did not require his dog poop, and horse poop,
 and construction trash, and laundry and some house work.
 I also made about 500 hundred (okay so it was really only like 30) trips up and down the 20 foot ladder screwing pieces of plywood to the "snow holes" between the top of the barn wall and the roof.  Oh and I sealed the entire floor of the storage area so hopefully when the snow melts or it rains it will not flood. (10 cans of expanding spray foam, and 5 tubes of caulk)
The dogs were quite helpful while cleaning up the poop with my brand new fancy pooper scooper. 
(I will spare you pictures of the poop)
 They weren't quite sure what my obsession was with all this poop, but since I obviously had a use for it, they were nice enough to make 3 new piles for me while I was scooping...what good boys!!!

Smarty:  I'm not sure why you are doing this, but I will stand guard and keep you protected.

Butch (not to be outdone):  I too shall stand guard
I see deer- I will watch them closely for I am sure they are after the poop too.
Me:  Mason stop eating the poop, you are not starving! 
Mason: What poop?  I wasn't eating poop, I'm just sniffing it out for you, I SWEAR!!!!

Smarty:  I Found some more!!! Over here Mom, Over here!
Mason; Shut up Smarty, I was saving that for a snack!

Mason:  Wheewwww, this yard work is tiring, I'll wait here, you guys go ahead.
After that little event it was time to work on the horse pens.
Trax:  Hmmmm, there is some interesting stuff on this truck.
Oh look!  Straw!
Danny:  Hey lady, what are ya building this time?

Danny: Hey Trax!  I think it's cages...THEY ARE BUILDING HORSE CAGES!
I took this on the guys' trip number 4 to the hardware store.  (I stayed behind) As it turns out our 12 foot panels are a tad shy of that actual measurement, which meant our posts were in the wrong spot.  We had to get creative with our "attachment plan". We scrapped plan A, and then Plan B, and Plan C.  Finally Plan D seemed to do the trick.  This was taken shortly after we scrapped plan C. (you can almost see that I am laying on Danny's new stall mats)

This is my attempt at some abstract photography with an Iphone.
I think it would look cool in b&w.
(I was still waiting for  plan D to formulate)
This is after we perfected plan D which required some creative engineering on Tom's part.  It looks kind of funny but they are sturdy, and as my friend Jay told me once..."it's not very often that horses excape under a fence"  Plus I have a mountain of clean fill dirt I can use to build that up some.
We still have another section to add below this, as well. The "pens" will be 48' long plus the stall.
Sometimes it seems like we will never get this done.
It took me a little bit to explain the concept of one horse per stall to them,
 but they finally got the idea.
Trax:  I claim this stall as MINE!!!
Me:  Trax the rubber mats are for Danny.
Trax:  Tell Danny to get his own mats these are mine.
Me: Danny has the bad leg, Trax, you need to be fair to the cripple guy.
Danny:  nom nom nom, Lady, I could care less about mats, just give me food.
Me:  Trax you are getting so big I'm gonna change your name to "Beefcake"
Trax:  Lady , I'm not fat, I'm getting ready for winter!
Its hard to believe my horses can get so fat on such a small amount of food. 
 (of course this does have a few bites out of it already)
Danny:  HEY!  Who are you calling fat....I'm the perfect model of equine fitness!
Me:  Danny, do I need to bring up the "man boobs" again?
Mr Sun;  Oh yeah, going down in style tonight!
(I'm kind of diggin my camera angle)


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