Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Repost- not acceptable

I had posted once this morning, but decided I was not being fair, I do not know what the owner of this horses issues are. So I deleted it and am starting over with a new frame of mind.

This little guy has been locked in this little pen for 3 or 4 months.  It has bothered me since the beginning, but I was waiting to see if it was a temporary arrangement or what.  He never gets out.  Not for walks, not for grooming, not for anything.  Meanwhile there is a whole herd of mares and foals roaming the pasture around him.

I did call animal control, but they cannot do anything as he has food and water.  Livestock are not required to have shelter or a specific pen size in WY.

I am going to watch for the owner and see if she will talk to me. I would like to know why she has him locked up like that.  Then I would like to explain to her why it is so unhealthy for a young horse, to never get any exercise.  I will do this in a constructive, non aggressive manner.  Maybe she needs help with something.  I do not know, but I know that going in guns blazing would not have been the right answer. 

See, if nothing else, blogging helps me see when I am wrong.  :)


  1. I didn't see your other post, but I agree, that's no place for a youngster. Or an older horse, for that matter. Hope you can find something out, and maybe help make a change for him.

    1. After I read back over my other post I realized that I was being a'll go with, high and mighty. It did not feel good to me to hear my own thoughts like that. I would hate it if someone came at me that way, without even asking why I was doing what I was doing.
      I would like to know what her reasoning is behind the pen though. And perhaps help her come up with a better solution.

  2. I hope you learn what the situation really is, and then hopefully can help the owner make some better arrangements. Those types of situations weigh heavily on my heart as well. Poor little guy...