Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I Looked out the window this morning and saw that someone was up to no good last night.

Luckily no one was out roaming the neighborhood.

My neighbor across the road is not a horse person at all.  The last time my horses got out, he shooed them off his perfectly manicured 3 acre lawn and then watched as I chased them down the road. 

Thanks Mister.

Luckily the guy down the road who has horses had me chase them into his lot and then shut his front gate.  After that it was easy. 

That was a year ago. 

I'm so glad we didn't have to go through that again. 

I do not care for vinyl fencing. 

Well except for the time when Gambler chased poor old Danny through the fence. Because it was vinyl it just broke and out he went.  No real damage, just a few scratches.  Had he had to go through something stronger it would have required a trip to the vet.   He stayed close to home and was happily grazing at the next neighbors house when I got home.  He is a good boy.  We don't have Gambler anymore.  He was mean to my Danny.

I actually think it was deer and not horses that messed with my fence this time.  I have a hot wire on that fence now, and even though it isn't on right now, the horses think it is.  The Deer have no clue about hot wire and they seem to like hanging out by our water tub. Sometimes when I get home from work they are there visiting with Sassy.  She seems to have a relationship with them. (note to self: get pics of Sassy with her deer friends)

I like deer, I love to watch them bound across the yard.  Not my yard, the neighbors yard. 

I especially like to see them across the street chowing down on that guys perfectly manicured 3 acres!!!


  1. What a bratty neighbor! I would understand if it was a common occurance but if it only happens once there's no reason to shoo you horse away and add to the already panicky scenario! That is soo cute that sassy has deer friends!

  2. I always wondered about that vinyl fencing, I know they always say its safe if a horse hits it but I don't like when fences break so easily, now I know, hot wire is necessary. I would like to see pics of the deer and Sassy too.