Monday, November 12, 2012

Nuthin about nuthin and gratitude

The weekend was a drag...freezing butt cold (high of 26 low of 6) and I spent 2 days pretty much trapped inside trying to get caught up on Tom's paperwork which put me in a really bad mood!
Not having to do his paperwork, but we have one company who makes it as hard as they can to get their bills figured up. They stall on giving me the weights for the materials (yet insist that we bill by the ton) and then they stall on giving me the rates per ton.  So what should take a few hours to do, ends up taking all day....after several months of just trying to get the proper information to do the job.
It is sooooooo frustrating!

Then to top it off my carpet shampooer quit working.....ARGH!

OH!  AND I got kicked by the one horse I never thought would...KILLIAN!  I couldn't beleive it!  All I was doing was dumping his food out and walked past him to feed Sassy.  I think he might have been kicking at her, but still he got me in the hip.  I was close enough that he didn't good a full on hit, but I have a bruise for sure.  BAD BAD PONY!   I yelled at him and threw the bucket at him and made him move a way.  He needs some work, getting grumpy and rude.

I did finally insist on getting out of the house and took this lovely picture

All I can say is Brrrrrr!

My dilemna over the stall size ended up being pointless, as it was so cold we were unable to do anything with them.  So everyone still has free run of their perspective pastures.  It is supposed to be bearable next weekend, so the plan is to just finish them properly.  I like that idea much better anyway, so THAT all worked out ok! :)

I wanted to get some pics of the ponies in their blankets this morning but my son called and begged me to come jump start his car, which put some serious time constraints on me today.

I also found that one of my blankets that I had just bought last year from SStack has not one but two broken leg  straps.  I was not happy about that, as it has barely been used.  The straps held but the "buckles" broke.  }:-( 

When it warms up I will have to bring it in and see if it is repairable.  Interestingly enough, I thought my horses were fat fat fat (except Danny) But these blankets show that they are all thinner than last winter! So that is good. 

I apologize for my post being such a bummer.  In reality I know I am lucky to have the minor problems that I do.  I do not have to stress over how I will pay my bills, I always know I have a place to lay my head at night.  I am healthy, as is the rest of my family.  If I am cold when I go outside, it means that my legs work and I am capable of walking outside.  If I have to go jump start my son's car, it means he is working and being self sufficient, which is more than some kids his age.  If I have to sit all day and figure out stupid paperwork, it means I still have my wits about me, I am smart enough to do these things, and I am valuable to the trucking company.  
I am so lucky to live in wide open spaces where I am happy, and have dog hair to clean up, and horse poop to shovel.  I am lucky to always have so much to do for it means that I shall never be bored!  I am lucky to have a bruise on my hip and not a broken hip or leg.   I have much to be grateful for so I need to stop my really is good. is good!

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