Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2 Very Long Minutes and the Bad Neighbor

I couldn't believe how cold it was yesterday when I got home. I was bundled up pretty well but my face wasn't covered and by time I got done feeding and cleaning stalls my face and fingers were numb. Yes I was wearing thick gloves too.

I spent a couple of minutes with Sassy in the round pen. We didn't do anything too exciting. I just trotted her in both directions for a couple of minutes. Yes it felt like hours. That wind had a serious bite to it last night.  I was watching to see if she is exhibiting any signs of lameness. It was really hard to say for sure because over the winter my round pen  has become hard and uneven. It needs worked and it needs sand. So although there were a couple of times I saw her head bob, it was never consistent and could easily have been more about terrain than pain. For the most part she still is moving out pretty nice.

I am a terrible neighbor.  My neighbor called me last week and asked if I could feed her horses the evening of the day she went to Colorado to take her Irish Wolfhound in for eye surgery. I said of course. Well I forgot it was yesterday and I did not feed her horses last night. Oddly enough when they saw me feeding mine they were standing at the fence making little, "come over here noises", so obviously they remembered.  She called me about 8pm and asked if she needed to feed them. *hanging head in shame now* I told her no and ran right out and did it.  I apologized several times, and at least they didn't go hungry, but man I feel bad.   In my defense, usually she reminds me the day she is leaving and this time she didn't.   But still I should have written it down, or told Tom so he could have reminded me.

I still have not heard back from the farrier I called. I even called again last night. I just don't get it. Usually he is very good about returning calls. I guess I will try to find another one. Trax is getting pretty long and I'd like to get it done before the reining clinic in 2 weeks.   I went to the hope for soundness website last night and went off of their list. They have two regular farriers listed. One I know is not taking any new clients, so I called the other. His wife answered and informed me that he passed away 3 years ago.  Aw man!  Again, there I was apologizing all over myself.

I have decided that I am going to focus my plans for competing on Trax for now. That in itself is a lot. I will continue working with the rest, to keep them physically and mentally fit, something they are all 3 lacking right now.  Sassy doesn't need to be in halter classes, she needs simple easy exercise and to heal up right now, plus some reminders on manners. Killian needs to lose some weight, Danny needs to build some muscle.  Common sense tells me not to spread myself too thin and have zero success at anything.


  1. Oh no! You were batting 100 last yesterday! (I had the same experience when I hit the kid I nanny for in the face playing baseball and then he wanted to push me on the swing and he said 'you almost hit me with your feet!' Yeah....that'll be good when he tells his friends at school that!) that's annoying about the farrier not calling back! I mean its not like you called him demanding he came out the same day! Because I know farriers that would ignore those people hahaha. I definitely think that focusing on all of their health instead of focusing on preparing one is the best choice! (Plus, I think if it wasn't too expensive, I would continue working sassy a little, and then take her to the halter class anyways! I mean, what's there to lose?!)

  2. It was not the worst evening I've ever had, but not the best either.
    I was so glad to hear from MK (farrier) today. It just isn't like him to not return calls, so I was starting to think that either I had done something wrong or something had happened to him.

    I did just talk to my neighbor too, she was not near as upset with me as I was. In fact she isn't upset at all. I just hate when I let people down. :)