Thursday, March 7, 2013

Which Paint Pattern is Trax?

I have been trying to figure out which color pattern class he would be, and truthfully I cannot decide.
I'm leaning towards Tovero since he shows classic patterns of both Tobiano and Overo.
What do you guys think?


  1. So we actually had a debate yesterday over overo vs tobiano. And tobiano is more than 50 percent white, while overo is less than 50 percent white (I thought it was the other way around!) I definitely think he looked like he's more white, but honestly he's split pretty evenly through the middle!

  2. That is right, but if you read the APHA definitions, it is more than just that. It is also about color placement and patterns as well. Which is why I am confused.

  3. I have no idea. We had a tobiano once. I could ask my daughter who seems to be an expert on paints and has done lots of research what she thinks. Whatever you decide Trax is he's a beautiful horse.

  4. I would say tovero. Most of his markings are tobiano looking but tobianos have heads with markings that look like solid-colored horses (stripe, snip, star, atc.) Trax has too much white on his face. He might carry sabino which is usually what makes horses "tovero." My mare, Missy is a tovero.

  5. I'm a little torn on this one! At first glance I'd say Tovero, but if I study him really closely, I go back to Tobiano. He has some extra white on his face, but it isn't really an apron or blad face... more like a wrap around blaze, and he doesn't have any blue eyes. His hocks are only about half dark, both of his flanks are dark, and his tail is two colors. Often those small spots like Trax has all over his body are because the horse is homozygous.

    So I think he's Tobiano with one copy of the sabino gene. Lilly has some white under her chin and up the bottom side of her head, so I think she's also got a copy of the sabino gene as well.

    Is he registered? I'd be curious to see what his parents were!

  6. I have no idea!! All those different paint markings and descriptions just confuse the heck out of me. I know one thing though - he's a beautiful horse and has lovely and unusual markings. :)

  7. Rebecca,
    As far as I know he is not, although I have not given up on finding out for sure. I have traced back 4 owners before me where he was sold at an auction. I have the name of the person who put him up for auction and am planning on contacting them to see if they can give me more information. Truth is, he could have been registered, but because he is a gelding, no once cared. They didn't even care enough to give him a name most of the time. He was just "that paint". It makes me sad to know that they all saw him as a throw away. He is so much more than that, even if he isn't registered.

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  10. There is so much more complicated than meets the eye! I know the paint I used to ride was a frame tobiano (I think, I'm really not great with color) with a bald face, blue eyes and a medicine cap. This is totally off topic but I know that its really hard to get a medicine cap, and that if you try to breed for it like one in ever five foals comes out and doesn't make it a year. So they're really just placed their by god, which I think is so cool!

  11. I did send my daughter your blog post and she was sort of stumped too. She did say that, he looks more tobiano, but the white over his back and the brown over his hind end make it hard to tell. I guess you've got an unusual pattern to pin down. Good luck.


    I doubt that will work but I had to try.
    Thanks everyone for your input. From what I read a horse that doesn't really fit in any category would fall under Tovero, so I'm going with that. Otherwise he would be a overo/tobiano/sabino. And that is too much! LOL