Saturday, March 30, 2013

Horse week, day 6 and final day.

Helloooo Nice ladies of the world who have big hearts for their ponies! Trax here to tell you about the final day of my ladies "horse week."  I don't really understand why she needs a special week for horses when we are here everyday and everyday she comes to see us and brings us yummy treats, and grains and green squares of hay.  But she says it is horse week, so I do not argue.

Today we went to see the nice man who teaches me things.  She calls him "Em-Kay" but I just call him the nice man.  I wasn't sure if he was a nice man at first but now I know he is and I like him very much.

Every time we go there, before we learn anything he and my lady look at the ground and talk to God. They tell him thank you for a wunnerful horse (that's me- I'm wunnerful), and ask for things called guidence and safety.  When ever they do this it makes me feel warm inside and makes me want to be a good pony.

Then my lady and I did some of the stuff that scares me, but I am less scared now, so it was okay.  She said we were in a pa-raid, and we marched around the arena with a flag.  Then she waved the flag around me and I was not afraid except just a little. But since I was a good boy, she petted me with it.

Then the man got the rope and I was a little afraid at first.  I am not sure why I am afraid but sometimes I think I am so used to running away from it, that now I just do it without thinking.  The nice man says he is trying to teach me how to think about things before I react.  This is a good thing I think.  Pretty soon they had the rope on the saddle and dragged a log around all by myself!  It felt funny at first but then I was all like "pfffft- I got this."

Then the nice man got on me and we just sat still while he helped me loosen the muscles in my neck. It was good too because I have to admit, I was a little tense.  After I wasn't tense anymore he started asking me to do things.  We did things like backing up, and going sideways, and going in circles. He even had me drag the log while he was on me. I did a good job and pulled as hard as I could. I wanted to be scared when the rope touched my butt, but he wasn't scared so then I wasn't either. I pulled it this way, and then that way, and then back the other way again.  It was kind of fun to not be afraid.

The nice man rode me for a long time.  I have decided that I like it when he rides me.  He makes it easy for me to understand what he wants me to do and where he wants me to put my feets. ( When I understands, I do) I think he likes to ride me too because he gave me lots of rests and told me each time  that I was a good good pony.

I heard him tell my lady that I have learned a lot since we first started and that she should be veeeery proud of me.  She said that she is veeeeery proud of me.  I am proud of me too!

Then my lady got on me, and think she is learning a lot too.  I have not always understood what she wanted me to do (when I do not understands, I do not do) but this time she asked just like the nice man did and I knew right away what she wanted.  So I put my feets right where she wanted and she gave me a big rest and lots of pets and told me I was a good good boy.

Then she got off and loosened my saddle so I knew we were done for the day.   We stood around while they (nice lady, nice man, and nice man's boy) talked about things that they want to teach me. My lady does not think I will ever get over being afraid of the rope gate. The nice man says that I can learn anything, and that I am a very smart pony.  He said that if I was a stupid pony, I'd still be roping cows for people who are not nice.   The nice man says that if I was smart enough to show them that I didn't like them being mean to me,  I am smart enough to learn anything, as long as peoples are nice to me.  I have decided that I like learning!

Then they talked about some stuff called coff-fee. I do not know what that is, but it must be very good because they all said that they could sure use some right then.  If I had some coff-fee I would have shared it with them for being so nice.

Then we went home and my nice lady gave me yummy candies and let me go and roll in the mud.  There was water falling from the sky all morning so there was some great mud holes to roll in.  I do love a good mud bath.

Well good bye for now Nice Ladies, and don't forget to hug your ponies today!  Oh and my lady said to tell you all Happy Easter (but I do not know what that means)


  1. Hi Trax, sounds like MK is a good trainer, and you probly don't need coffee, lol. But sounds like you were a good boy today :)

  2. Hi Trax, I don't think you'd need coffee just yet :P but it sounds like you were very good today! Maybe you need some carrots?