Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Traxster Feeties

Before Trim (Trax)
Excuse the dirt and the lousy angles. He was not haltered. and was hungry and wanted me to quit messing around and get some food.
RF- I was holding the camera at an odd angle I think. 

Can you see how the RF is taller?  He was darn near club footed when I got him. They are much better now than they were but it really shows when they get long. It has been probably 10 weeks since he was trimmed last.
I could not get a good view of the LF from the front, He was not cooperating!


 After the trim.



Trax does not have the greatest feet in the world but they are strong and he is sound.  My pictures aren't that great because I did not wash them first. Plus I was trying to hold the hoof and snap the shot while he was trying to leave and finish his breakfast. Even after the trim you can still see that they are different. But again, a million times better than when I got him.

MK and I spoke at length about what I want to accomplish, and we have agreed to start lessons a week from tomorrow. Hopefully every Thursday evening. He has a nice indoor arena for us to use.  It is a little further drive for me, but it is worth it.  He agrees that too many clinics by too many people might be harder on a horse like Trax who needs consistent clear communication.  I am excited to work with him. I have wanted to since last summer.

This is his "Hurry up and feed me" look.

The"Brudders" next door. (Smoke and Attan)
See that big fat black guy?
I would love to ride him someday. I hear he is a dream.
But first he would have to loose some pounds and get a lot of round penning.
It has been a year at least since he has been touched. 
Big K waiting patiently for breakfast
Little Miss Sassafras
My Sweet Danny- He also got trimmed, but his feet are so perfect, they are almost boring.
Except of course the one on his string halt foot. It is a little mishapen, but there is nothing to be done about it.
It is a direct result of the pounding it takes when he lands on it.
When he gets a trim, you have to have one person on the opposite side for him to lean on.
Other wise he will darn near fall over. We suspect it is part of his neurological symptoms.

Notice How clear the sky is?  It is gorgeous out today and I would have loved to have called in well.


  1. wow! trax really has quite the difference in his feet! I can't wait to hear about your lesson :)

  2. Definite improvement after the trim!

    I can't wait to hear about the lesson too.