Monday, March 25, 2013

Over posting

I am guilty of over posting today, but this one is short.

I do believe I have Horse woman wood today.

The predicted temps for the next 8 days.

Oh yeah baby!


  1. You crack me up!! What the heck is horse woman wood??? :)
    My imagination is running wild right about now...
    So, I just read through your last few posts. Sounds like an awesome session with MK - good work, respectful stuff, and no riding your horse into lather. I like it...sounds like you did too! I like how he broke lessons down into pieces so that you (and Trax) can understand.
    Sorry if I sounded cranky with my earlier comment - but Bobby Avila is just an ass, and I always see red at the mention of his name.

    1. Well you know how men "get wood" at the sight of a bad ass truck, or a really cool piece of equipment or something along those lines?
      Well women "get wood" too, usually over a cool pair of shoes, or some new kitchen gadget.
      Naturally Horsewomen "get wood" from a whole different set of things. Like a new piece of tack, a fresh load of hay (stacked by someone else), healthy horse poop, or a good ride. Today it for me it is all about the weather! I haven't seen temps like that since August. I'm so excited!

      You did not sound cranky at all. You are certainly allowed to voice your opinion on my page and I will never tell you you can't or delete your comment. Truth be known I have barely even ever heard of Avila, so the name means little to me.

      MK is a pretty easy going guy. Actually a very spiritual guy who seems to be very calm and centered all the time. We actually discussed the different big name trainers, and his opinions of them. His favorite is Clinton Anderson, but he draws a little knowledge from all of them. Even a little from Avila, although he doesn't model his program after Avila's. He prefers a trainer to be personable, and fair to the horse.

      One of the other things he told me is that working with Trax is really good for him as a trainer. Usually he is taking a young horse and starting them, so he isn't having to overcome damage done by someone else. With Trax he really has to think about what is going to work and what isn't, because if you push to hard with no release and he just runs off mentally and physically.

      I like that he really talks me through what I am doing as we are doing it. Even when he shows me something new he always says, "you are doing a good job" "Or I like what you are doing" and then offers a way to improve upon what I am doing.

      He did kind of get on me when I was working with the flag. He said I came in a little too aggressive in my body language, and at one point even had myself in the "strike zone". He said, "Obviously you know this horse so it was okay, but if it had been a young horse, I'd have been all over you." So I like that even when I mess up he just explains without belittling me.