Friday, March 22, 2013

Finding Confidence on the Web.

I don't have much to say today, and have much to do today, so I am simply going to post a link to another blog I found recently.

At the Confidence Blog today I read these oh so inspiring words. If you have a minute I urge you to take a peek. Some good stuff going on over there.  Knowing that I lack confidence, when I see anything that might give me insight on how to gain a little more I take a few minutes to indulge myself.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I really enjoyed that post. It reminded me a lot of 'getting the best you can and ending on a good note' Like days when your horse is hot or kinda crazy, and you have to go ahead and accept that today you might not be able to work on what you wanted to work on, but setting them up for success and giving them something easy to accomplish and ending it without getting into a fight in the first place!

  2. There's a lot of good in that article. Most of the time, I think we are the ones who create the problems with our horses, not them. Like the commentor said above, "you have to go ahead and accept that today you might not be able to work on what you wanted to work on". That might be the problem...we always have agendas, horses don't. Maybe instead, we should show up and accept who the horse is on that day, where he is mentally and work with the horse you have today. Even the Bible tells us that we are to forget about yesterday, and don't anticipate or worry about the future, for today has enough worries of its' own. That is true with people and horses too. We bring mental baggage a lot. If we approach our horses with a clear mind, and a relaxed state of mind with no agenda, and instead just ride and see what comes up, I think we'd be ahead of the game all around. Instead of remembering what happened last time we rode, or yesterday, just empty your mind and relax, approach the horse as a clean slate. Problems have a way of presenting themselves and becoming clear...if something comes up, work on that. Make no demands, but present your "question" or request as clearly as you can and then give the horse time to figure out what you are asking. And break every lesson down into parts, and "recognize the slightest change and reward the smallest try". Pressure and release. When your horse does what you ask, stop and give them a mental break so they can soak it in. That's their release from pressure and also their reward. Walk around and let them relax, or get off and walk away from them for a few minutes. I believe in baby steps for everything, and always focusing on perfection of the basics. If you're having a bad day, it's not a good day to try and teach your horse anything. Get your head right first, and your attitude before coming to your horse with your problems. We're really good at blaming our horses for a lot of things that are probably really our fault. We humans want instant gratification in everything, and we don't like to put out much effort to get something right. And we think our horses are the lazy ones. Ha! We're the lazy ones! If we could just ride our horses and relax, leave our agendas out of the equation, I really think we'd get a lot further in a lot less time. Just my two cents...

  3. I love when you put your 2 cents in!!!!

    I totally agree and know that it is where I fail my horses the most. I keep letting myself get pressured over the two little shows that are coming up in a couple of months and there for try to push the Traxster much faster into learning what is totally foreign to him, than I should be. He needs as much time as he needs, no if's, and's, or but's about it.

    The reality of life is that I know he isn't going to be "ready" and it doesn't matter. We will compete and have fun and make complete fools of ourselves, and it just doesn't matter.

    Sometimes I find myself (and this is hard to admit) in the back of my mind wanting to prove something to the ones who have said, "This horse can't do it". Why? Why do I think I need to prove them wrong? Obviously it is my own ego because Trax could care less what they think. My ego will sink me if I do not let it go.

    I have to accept that I can only do what I can do, I may only get to ride once a week, or even less sometimes, and it is what it is. It won't always be this way but right now it is and it is ok. (as I watch the snow fall like crazy!)

    How does the saying go? "If you take the time to take the time it takes less time."

    That was great comment Lori, thanks!

  4. Thank you! I think we can all use some inspiring words every now and then!