Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Dinner Conversation

Trax:  Hey Lady (nom nom nom nom)

Me: Yes Trax (pant pant pant pant)

Trax: Did you bump your head or something?

Me: No Trax, why do you ask?

Trax: Well I think your thinker isnt working so well.

Me: Trax my thinker works just fine, why do you think it isn't?

Trax: Well for several reasons...

Me: go on.....

Trax: Well Lady, first of all; if you are trying to give us exercise, why do you chase us around the little pen instead of the great big one? It seems like we could run much faster and get much more exercise in the great big one.

Me:  Trax if I chased you around the pasture, the only one getting any real exercise would be me and I wouldn't have any control over where you guys were going.

Trax: Control is over rated.

Me: Says the horse with no control what so ever. Why else do you think I bumped my head?

Trax: Well I think you forgot the big red horses name.  You usually call him Killian, but today in the little pen you were calling him "Killin' me".  Did you forget his name?

Me:  No I did not forget his name, I was saying "your killing me".

Trax: But Lady, he wasn't even kickin you or nothing, he wasn't trying to kill you. He only does that to the old guy.

 Me: Trust me he was killin me with his lazyness.  Are those the only reasons you think I bumped my head?

Trax: Oh no!  How come I work harder than all the other horses put together, but I'm the only one who doesn't get any yummy grains like they do?  If anything I should be getting that stuff instead of them. I'm a good hard working pony, you said so yourself.

Me: Ya know Trax, you have a point. But they get yummy stuff because it has secret medicine in it too, but don't tell them. 

Trax:  Well I won't tell them if you promise to give me some yummy stuff without medicines in it. 

Me: Deal

Trax; Hey Lady, I think the next time the man comes to fix my feets, you need to have him fix yours too.

Me: Why Trax?

Trax: Because when we were in the small pen you kept almost falling down.

Me: Trax I almost fell down because I was running in the mud while you guys got run in the dry sand.

Trax: But Lady, why were you running?

Me: Well would you rather I just hit you with the stick, or is it better for me to use my body to show you how fast to go.(I wasn't really running, just walking but it was slick as hell)

Trax: THE STICK?!?  No not the stick! I hate the stick, please don't use the stick Lady, it scares me so bad.  Look, now I'm trembling again.

Me: Trax I promise I will not ever use the stick to hit you.  Not ever.

(Nom, nom nom nom nom)

Trax: Hey Lady?

Me: Yes Trax

Trax: Thank you for the yummy stuff.  I love you

Me: You earned  it buddy, I love you too.


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