Monday, March 25, 2013

Twisted and another chance at the giveaway.

Here is the bit that MK had me use on Trax on Saturday.  I bought one of my own, it was not expensive, & is an Avila brand.  One of the things I noticed while using his bridle was how soft and broke in it was. It was a real joy to the touch. So with that in mind, I put this on my oldest favoritest headstall and dug my old soft reins out of the "spare stuff" box.  Added a new coat of oil, and viola had my own well used set up.

We have warm weather on the horizon so I am looking forward to getting a few good days of riding in this week.  YAY!

Now, for those of you who entered my drawing a while back for the books and did not win, they are up for grabs again over at Marissa's blog  Go to her blog and leave a comment about your favorite breed or color of horse.  Then she will draw the names out of a hat, and pass the books on. They are great books, so I urge everyone to enter.


  1. Ive never seen a bit like that! I'm glad its working well for trax :)

    There really is something so comfortable about soft leather hahaha.

    Thanks for linking my giveaway :)

  2. I'm curious as to how Trax responded to that bit? It looks a bit wicked to me. What kind were you using before? Bobby Avila used to be our neighbor...he is not a nice man. He can be nice, but he isn't a kind person, especially to horses.
    We went to the expo yesterday, and I was hoping to find a new headstall. I don't really need one, but just want something different. I'm pretty shocked at all the cheaply made gear that's available now. And, I'm kicking myself for not buying that used bridle set-up that I could have bought for $35 the week before at a used tack sale. *sigh* You can tell good quality leather just by looking at it, and then the "feel" test will tell you for sure. I love soft, well used leather.

    1. Actually I was surprised at how well he responded to it. I truly expected a lot of head flinging and such (which is what he does when he doesn't like a bit)but he never did, not even once.
      Yes, I have quite a bit of that cheaply made gear. So gong back to my old stuff feels nice.

  3. I have a couple of those bits and I absolutely love it!! Brandy and Fritzy have that bit on their headstalls.
    Gotta love worn in tack! I have to have soft reins, I hate anything stiff!