Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bloggers Really Are The Best!

Sweet Marissa at Horseshoes and Hearts , had a "Pass it on" Giveaway a while back and I won!   Now the trick to this give away was that I did not know what I won, only that I had won. So I was curious to see what was going to arrive in the mail.

Now our mailbox is down the road from our house and we only have one key. I had given the key to TC, because....well because I have a seriously bad habit of losing keys.  I asked him a couple of times to check the mail and he did, but the prize was not there yet.

Then life got hectic and I kept thinking about checking the mail but never had the key with me. Finally I remembered to grab the key on the way out the door to work this morning.

I got my package and as soon as I got to work, got it opened it up. My 2 bosses were right there watching me, to share in the experience. My bosses are typical WY guys. The are manly men, who hunt,  chew tobacco, and do all kinds of other "manly things". They do not understand my obsession with horses, or why I spend so much money and time on my "hayburners.'  They are "gearheads" which means they know more about the drive train system of just about any vehicle on the road, than anyone I have ever met, but not so much about girly things.   So when I pulled out my prize and immediately started bawling like a baby over how special my prize is, they suddenly got very uncomfortable. It was actually quite funny.  Then once they realized I was just being a silly old woman, they got a big kick out of it and have been teasing me ever since!

Marissa really out did herself this time.  Oh yes she really did.  (now I'm going to start crying again)

First I pulled out this:

A wonderful little home made (yet very well made) ribbon.

Then I pulled out this:
Make sure you "Bigefy" (thank you Gundiva at Tails from the Trail for that wickedly cool terminology!) so you can read what Marissa wrote especially for me.  I swear she absolutely made my day.

Then I also pulled out this:

Which I cannot wait to get home and start reading!  She signed the inside of the book and we will continue to pass this through the community for sure.

Marissa, I want to say thank you so much for the thought and effort you put in to this gift to personalize it just for me.  I am so touched!

So once I read the book, then I will have another "pass it on" drawing. Who ever wins will get their own tailor made gift from me.  Although she set a pretty high standard already so I hope I can live up to it. The cool thing about this, is that the gifts don't really cost anything except a little time. Which is, after all, the greatest gift of all.


  1. Haha, I was wondering if you had gotten it yet! I'm so glad you love it! And I love that your bosses were there to see it and got uncomfortable, so funny!

  2. That is very, very cool. I can totally see why you'd cry when you opened it up. :)

  3. This is the sweetest thing ever<3