Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Unveiling....

Well guys, here it is....Tuesday.

Does anyone recall what happens today?

Yep, that is right. Today is the day we are supposed to close on the super cool house in AZ. Well I found out yesterday that the closing is actually tomorrow but the inspections are all done, and the money has been wired. (or will be very soon) so it is as sure a thing as it is going to get.

So I present to you.......(drum roll please)

The future home of TLC Stables. (Or T-C or what ever other name we choose, if we even decide to turn it into a business- I think a lot of that will depend on if we can lease the property next door with the unused stalls and arena)

Here is the Arial view.  You can see the 3 large pens at the top. And the structure just to the right of them is the 3 smaller pens. The house is the building with the red roof. The marker is right on top of the round pen. Obviously the green is the irrigated pasture,  the lighted arena is next to it, and the cow pen is to the back of the arena. Although it could easily be another horse enclosure.  The small structure to the left of the arena is the tack room and covered wash area. The tack room is made out of a shipping container, and there is a second container next to it for storage.  The empty part next to the house is where TC will build his shop. He has to have a shop, or he will go crazy.  As you can see there are some trees, which is always nice.   The house has a nice covered porch that goes around the front and one side.

This is from the road, and you really can't see it that well but this is the front.

obviously this is the back with the dog yard. 

Imagine a shop there. 

That sort of green stuff is the irrigated pasture. 

The lighted arena

You can almost see the round pen

These are the big pens 70x40 each.

The smaller stalls

wash and tack area
I only have one pic of the inside, this is the kitchen. The whole inside was recently remodeled.
Tile floors, granite counter tops, etc. 
TC just left here, and it is a done deal now!   Can you say YAY!!!!!!!!

Looks like we will be making the move in July or Aug...the hottest time of the year.  In the mean time the current residents will stay there and rent from us for a while until they find their new place.


  1. Congratulations this looks totally awesome!

  2. Wow! How totally exciting! Looks like you've got yourself a very nice place. Congratulations!

  3. Thanks guys, I can't wait to have my own arena to ride in!!!!

  4. Congratulations!! The place looks fantastic!! You must be SO excited... I know I would be!

  5. Oh my gosh, I am so super excited and happy for you!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    It looks wonderful too, an arena with lights so you can ride in the cool of the night time and shade covers for the horses, and a remodelled house!!?? Girl, you must be living right!!
    Hot dog!! Can't wait to see more pics of the inside of the house...

  6. Congratulations!!! It looks like a wonderful set-up.

  7. That's soooo awesome!!!!! Yay!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! The arena looks huge!

  8. That's a perfect horse property! I never found a set up even close to that when I was house hunting last year. The place with the best barn, stalls, riding arenas, etc. was being dismantled and the sellers were taking most of it with them. I said, "What's the point in buying the property then? I may as well get a place with no horse facilities and build my own."

    Nice that you have a dog yard too. We're still taking ours out on leashes to pee. If you do turn it into a stable, I'm sure you'll have no problem getting clients. There's more room there than most of the boarding facilities around here that I've seen.

  9. Yes! I can say Yay! YAY!!!! What a neat place! I am excited to hear what you all are going to do with it. My hubby would need a shop too! :-)

  10. That is so awesome!! What a beautiful place! Congrats!!!

  11. Oh you are so lucky!!! Although i might wait till Sept to move in ;) This makes me even more motivated to buy a place down there, or just stay a while and board at your place :)