Sunday, March 3, 2013

Trax and Sassy Tell a Story

Hello Nice Ladies, Trax here to tell you about our odd weekend.

And me, don't forget about me

Okay, Brat, you too.

Okay, I wanna help tell the story too, cuz I was there, I saw it all, and my memory is better than yours because I am younger.

Sassy, if you don't be quiet and let me tell the nice ladies my story, I will...well I'll do something mean.

Ok, fat guy. 

(mean look)
So anyway, yesterday just as we were finishing our breakfast the nice lady came and got Sassy and I and put us in the stall on wheels.

Yeah, and I didn't wanna go in, but finally I did because sometimes she give me food when I go in and I like food. Do you like food nice ladies? Cuz me and fat boy, here, we luuuuvvv's food!

Shhhh! Yes so Sassy didn't want to go in and even when she was in and we were starting to roll away behind the truck that pulls the stall on wheels she kept pawing and kicking at the sides of the trailer like she thought she could kick them down.

I was protesting

Okay what ever. I tried to tell her that if she would relax the ride is not so bad and it sure beats having to be ridden all the way to a far away place. But she never did listen.

When we got to where we were going and out of the stall with wheels, the air was moving really fast and things were flying past us. Sassy was scared and tried to run my nice lady over, but my lady doesn't like it when we run her over so she kicked Sassy in the chest with the lead rope.

Yeah, I don't like it when she smacks me with the rope. 

Maybe not but you backed off didn't you?

Yes I did, but then how come when the big blue monster jumped out and you almost ran over OUR nice lady, she didn't kick you with the rope? Huh, How come? 

Well of course she didn't kick me with the rope, I'm her favorite and she knew I was trying to jump in front of her to protect her from the big blue monster.

Yeah, thats not how I remember it.

Anyway, we went into this big building where some other nice ladies and some their horses were all standing around. In the middle of the building there was the purttiest mare I have ever seen! Whooeeee! That girl had a big old fat butt, and sexy curves...

(snorts) Yeah she was FAAAAAAT!

Just cuz you are all skinny with no curves, doesn't mean she was fat.  My lady tied my head to a wall and walked Sassy over to the other side of the pretty mare, I kept trying to turn this way and that way so I could see the mare, but could just barely get a good look at her with my head tied to the wall.  There was another lady standing next to me with her Arabian. She wasn't so nice, because she kept frowning at me for trying to get a good look at the mare.  I think she wanted the pretty mare for her silly looking Arabian. (which doesn't mean all Arabians are silly looking, but this one was)

She frowned at you because you kept stepping on her, all to stare at a big old fat mare. 

Anyway, finally my lady came back with sassy and we all stood together. The lady listened to the other ladies and sometimes asked questions, and she untied me so I could turn and stare at the mare.  By the way Sassy, thanks for letting me rest my head on your back so I could see better.

Well you were soo googly eyed I was afraid you were gonna fall over.

I heard some of what the ladies were talking about and they were using the purty mare as a model. They were talking about things like, clippers, and nose hairs, and hoof polish, bathing,  braiding, and banding.  I don't know what any of that stuff is, but it seems pretty important. I guess those are all the things they use to help make my new girlfriend look so purty.

Your new girlfriend??? She never even looked at you!

She's shy. Oh and her name is Sweet Pea, and she winked at me.

Oh sheesh!  She didn't wink she was sleeping.  Hey remember when that one lady came over and talked to our lady and then started pulling my long hairs on my neck out?  Why did she do that? It hurt!

Maybe she was mad at you for calling Sweet Pea, fat.

I laughed when she called you fat. (snort)

Anyway, I don't know why we went there, because we didn't even do anything. We just stood around while the ladies all talked and then we left. Our lady made a stop on the way home, but didn't let us out.  the sign on the door said T-A-C-K.  I thought maybe she was going to get us treats for being so good. But she didn't. She just got in her truck again and we rolled on down the road to home.

Yeah, it was really pretty boring except for the blue monster.  But Fat Guy,

Stop calling me that Brat

Okay sorry. So Trax are you going to tell them what you did today?

Well I wasn't, but I guess I can.
Today when the Lady gave us breakfast, she didn't open the gates for anyone like she usually does.  I know that when she doesn't open the gates, it sometimes means she is going to ride me.

The air is moving really fast today and when the air is moving fast it makes me feel funny. It makes me angry and happy all at the same time. It definitely does not make me want to be a good horse and go for a ride.

It makes me run really really fast!  Like my new shoes.  My new shoes make me run really fast too! 

Sassy, your legs are to short for you to run really fast.  

No sir!  I just take shorter steps than you, my new shoes make me run wicked fast cuz my feet don't hurt now.
Okay what ever, can I go back to the story now?

Oh sure.

Finally the lady came out, first she let out the old guy. Then she came to my gate and opened it. I saw my chance and made a run for it, I gave her the middle hoof as I went out the gate, just so she wouldn't get any funny ideas about trying to ride to day.  As I ran off I heard her yelling something, but I couldn't make it out.

Ha! She was calling you all kinds of bad names, and yelling at you for trying to cow kick her.   You did get pretty close ya know. 

I wasn't trying to kick her, I was just giving her a warning that I was in no mood for being her trick pony today.

Well you weren't very nice to the nice lady.

ME?? What about you? She tried to take you out and you turned your butt on her like you were going to kick her with both feet!  That is just plain rude!

Well, she had a rope and I thought she was going to make me go back in the rolling stall for all day. 

Ya well she almost left you in the little pen all day long. You're lucky that she decided to give you a second chance after she moved Killian. I wouldn't have.

Ya you're one to talk. How many times have you played "hard to catch" with her just to be a butt head. 

That's different, I didn't know her very well then.

Anyway, I 'm glad she decided not to ride me today while the fast air had me feeling funny, but I still don't know why we went to that "Halter class" yesterday.   I sure hope we can go again so I can go see my Sweeeeeet Pea!

Oh Sheeeesh!  She was faaaaaaat!

So that is what we did this weekend. I hope all the nice ladies out there who have big hearts for their ponies had good weekends too.

Bye by nice ladies.


  1. obviously I need to teach these two about commas and periods! lol

  2. Haha sounds like a totally different day from thier point of view! I always wonder what my ponies think the crazy humans are doing now, lol