Friday, March 1, 2013

What I Like

I like when I go outside to feed in the morning and find that I am "over dressed".

I like when I come home after work, and the 3 of us (Simon, TC and I) all work together to do the evening chores. I especially like it when Simon gets to drive the tractor and he gets to feel very important.

I like when I come home from work and TC and Simon are playing cribbage. Simon loves games and his real dad rarely ever would make the time to play cards or anything with him. He and TC have a game of cribbage that has been going on for a few weeks now.

I like that thanks to some basic obedience lessons, my dogs are starting to listen.

I like that I can watch Sassy move across the yard without her being in pain.

I like that even with their "bad days" all my horses are pretty easy to deal with.

I like that my life is pretty much drama free. I mean my ride the other night was a little dramatic, but that is generally about as bad as it gets. That is a good thing!

I like that because of modern technology and the internet, I have met some wonderful people, who share the same interests as I and who help pick me up when I am mentally down. (Thanks Ladies)

I like when I get phone calls out of the blue from Senior (TC's Dad) to ask for help finding a dentist. I was amazed that he chose to call me instead of TC or his own daughter. And I was happy to help.

I like when the weatherman says we are going to have nice weather all weekend.

I like when TC says, "We need a better horse trailer, one that will haul all 4 if needed." (and then he starts looking for one)  I really like that because after reading the "Horses of the Storm" I realized that in an emergency I would only be able to take 3 horses. Which would require trying to decide who to sacrifice. Sorry, not a choice I can make.

I guess I just really like my life today, even with the cold, and the little annoyances. Truth is...


(Not my picture- found it on line)


  1. So much to be grateful for! :)

  2. That's a lot to "like" ! :)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful life :)

  4. Beautiful post. Life on a ranch is a wonderful life. I like your "about me" too. Heaven on earth. :)