Monday, March 18, 2013

Trax Speaks Out Against Rope Abuse

I was saying good by to all my new lady and pony friends in this picture.. 

Hello nice ladies, Trax here to tell you about the "clin-ick" and a little message on why you must always be careful with ropes.

First of all, it was really chilly and my lady keeps brushing out all of my winter hairs which keep me warm. When it is chilly I like to move around to stay warm.  The day before she even sprayed some icky smelly stuff on me.  It is supposed to make me clean, but it just makes me itch, so I go and roll in the nice clean dirt every time she sprays me.   So because it was chilly I kept trying to move around. She got a little mad at me and kept telling me to "be still".

When we were in the big barn place, there were birds flying all over and the kept dropping sticks and things on my head. I did not like that either. So I felt like if I kept moving they would be less likely to actually hit me with said sticks.

There were lots of nice ladies with their ponies there and we were all there to learn about ob-sta-cals.  I am not sure why we need to learn these things, but my lady says we do so I tried really hard.

This was the first "ob-sta-cal"  they call it a rope gate.  Now I do not mind gates, but this is not a gate.  Gates are made to keep horses in and cows out.  Now I ask you ladies, have you ever seen a cow that wouldn't just bulldoze its way right through this?  Even if it was biting rope, it would not stop a cow. So this is not a gate.

I do not like ropes. I cannot tell you why I do not like ropes. I don't like to talk about it, but it was very traumatic.  Ropes get tangled in my feets and hurt, ropes can burn my skin and take all my hair off, and if a human hits me with a rope it hurts really bad.   I do not like ropes.  My lady touches me with ropes sometimes, and she has never hurt me with one, but they still scare me very much.  But usually if she comes to me with a rope I try to stand very still for her, even though it makes me tremble.  If you are reading this then you probably have a horse, and if you have a horse don't ever hurt him or her with a rope. Ropes can be very bad so always always be careful with your ropes.

On this day she wanted me to stand next to the "rope gate".  I saw the other nice ladies asking their horses to do the same thing, but still I did not want to.  My lady was very nervous, I could feel it. This made me nervous too, because she must have thought the rope was going to hurt us too. But she asked me to stand next to it. Finally she relaxed and did a big sigh.  When she sighed so did I, because that meant it was going to be ok.  Some horses even let their ladies grab the rope and then the horses went through the poles and then their ladies put the rope back. It was CRAZY!  I don't know why they weren't scared of the ropes.  I wish I wasn't so scared. Maybe someday I won't be.

Do you see the black thing with the rope on it?  There was one lady who was telling the other ladies what to do and she tried to attack me with that rope.  I was so so scared I tried to run away. So my Lady jumped down and took the rope away from her.  But then she rubbed me all over with it.  Pretty soon it was ok, but the next time she went near it I was still kind of scared.  I do not like ropes!

I did do some things really good that day. I will show you.

Do you see the box on the ground?  I went into the box and pee'd!  I thought that was what it was for, but I was wrong. All the nice ladies laughed and laughed though so I giggled a little inside too.  Then My mom tapped my shoulder with her toe and I did my circle trick that I have been learning. I went all the way around and all the ladies cheered and cheered!  I was very proud, and my lady said I was a good good boy. It wasn't that hard, but I like being a good boy.

Now, do you see the 2 long poles on the ground?  Well my lady asked me to stand next to those on the end. I didn't like it though, so I kept trying to move away. I don't know why I didn't like it, I just didn't.  So then she asked me to step over them, and I could do that. Then she asked me to move sideways without touching the poles.  I can move sideways really good. It is my favorite new trick so I did it real good.

Then each horse and nice lady too a turn doing all the "ob-sta-cals" one right after the other.  When it was my turn I stood next to the evil ropes but I watched them out of the corner of my eye, just in case they tried anything funny.  Then we went around some cones and over a bridge. The bridge is narrow and I went to fast so I fell off.  My lady made me do it again.  Then we went to the pole with the flappy things. (chinks- had to be picked up placed across shoulders and put back again)  I did this before so I didn't want to do it again. But my lady said I had to so I did.  Then we went to the box again and once again did my new circle trick and everyone cheered. If I knew how to grin I would have.  Then we had to dash to the round thing on a rope. I'm good at going fast!  I stood next to the rope but when it tried to jump out at I me I moved away. My lady says it didn't jump but I think it did.  Then we went to the poles again. At first I thought my lady wanted me stop before them, because she kept looking down at them. but then she looked past them and I knew what she wanted. So I stepped over them and stopped.  Then I saw it! My big chance to show all the nice ladies and other ponies just how good I really am. I knew she was going to ask me to go sideways so I did it, ALL ON MY OWN!  I was so proud and my lady laughed and laughed and told me I was sooo special!  Then she tapped my side so I moved my butt over and we did the back up trick right out the back of the poles. Every one cheered and cheered and I danced around. My lady jumped off and gave me a big big hug.

I love hugs!

Then she loosed the thing on my belly and I took a big breath cuz I knew that meant we were done and I had done good good good!

I love being a good pony! I get yummy treats and big hugs and then I get to go home and roll in the clean dirt.  I didn't like it when she got me wet with the cold water, but she used something to get as much water off as she could and then let me roll in the dirt 3 times!  I like rolling in the dirt almost as much as I like treats.

So good by for now nice ladies. Don't forget to hug your ponies today, give them lots of treats, and always always always be careful with your ropes!


  1. :) Sounds like you both had a great time!!!

  2. what a lovely and kind boy you are Trax, and well done getting over your fears of the ropes so well

  3. We really did have fun! More than I thought we would.

  4. Oh Trax, I am so proud of you! I am not afraid of ropes, but I have been afraid of other things and it is so hard to be brave sometimes. I am sorry you are afraid of them...but I am happy your lady doesn't hurt you with them.
    You did a great job! Thank you for sharing your experiences! Maybe you can teach me how to do the 'move sideways' thing sometime!
    Tripp the mustang

  5. Hello Trip the Mustang, it is so nice to talk to you. My lady has shown me your pictures on the trail, and I think it would be fun to trail ride with you.

    When I came to live with my lady I didn't know much of anything except how to go really fast and how to make a cow go where I want him too. One of the first things she taught me was how to make me move sideways away from her while she stood next to me. She would put her hands up and give a push to the air. I could feel her energy but I was not sure what she wanted so I would try to either back up or go forward. Then she would stop me and we would try again. One day I took one step sideways and she stopped pushing the air. Suddenly I got it! I knew what she wanted, and pretty soon she could push the air with her hands and she and I could move sideways on the ground together pretty darn well. I was so proud of us! Then one day last summer she was on my back and she lifted her left leg off of me and tapped me with the right. It reminded me of her pushing the air, so I took a step sideways. Then we did it again and again. She said I was a very good pony and gave me lots of treats. I'm guessing your lady gives you treats when you are a good pony too.

    Sometimes I had a hard time going sideways in a straight line, especially too the left. I am funny about my left side. So then she learned to face me against a wall and ask me to step to the side. It helped me go straighter. Now I can do it easy and it is fun.

    It is kind of like doing the Cupid Shuffle (not to be confused with the Harlem Shuffle)

    To the right to the right to the right to the right, to the left to the left to the left to the left, now kick, now kick (this is where I back up) kick and kick, then walk it round yourself, (this is where she asks me to spin in a circle, which I am learning)

    My lady says that someday she is going to make a video of me doing the Cupid Shuffle, and then I will be a yooo-tooob star. I'm not sure what that means exactly but anything with the word star in it has to be good.

    So anyway Tripp that is how I learned how to do the sideways thing. I know that you can learn it too, because I know you are a gooooood Pony too!

  6. Trax, thank you so much for the advice. I will make sure the Girl reads this and we can practice. I want to learn the Cupid Shuffle so I can be a yooo-tooob star too!

    But I have to confess something first. I have been a bad bad boy...and it has been fun! Don't tell the Girl I think it is fun, okay? When the Girl comes out to visit, I turn and walk away, go around the lagoon fence, then turn and look at her with my ears up and a smile. She tries to stay calm, but I know she is mad. Yes, I know better, but I just can't help myself. The snow is gone, the mud is drying out, and it is getting warmer. I FEEL GOOD! Yesterday when it was time to go to the vet for my blood test, I ran and ran and ran...and kept running and kept running. I bucked and snorted and everything! I refused to let her catch my eye because I knew the minute she did that, I was a goner! Nicker snort! Little did she know all this trail riding we have been doing has gotten me into shape. If she asks, I am going to tell her that I was trying to get her in good as shape as I am. I was just trying to help...then I will look innocent again.

    Yesterday after I finally let her get me, and I gave her the innocent look, she said something about skool. Skool? Something about reminding me of a few basic things...I am thinking on this one.

    Thank you Trax for everything, and you keep up the good work my new friend! Hey, I wonder what the Girl would do if I all of a sudden started the Harlem Shuffle? Snort nicker snort!!!!