Monday, February 18, 2013

Big BAAAAD Killian

TC just called me, said he had to yell at Big K this morning because he looked out and Killian is running up and down the outside of Danny's run with his head over the fence and ears pinned. Danny of course is doing his best to stay away from him, and there is plenty of room to do so, but Damn!  Why Killian insists on doing this I do not know.  All I can figure is that Sassy must have gone close to Danny, which makes Killian jealous.  If I wasn't afraid of Killian going through a fence, I would take Sassy away from him all together, and put her with Danny, making K and Trax hang out together. But I am afraid that that seeing Sassy and Danny together might push him over the edge, and I cannot afford any more vet bills!

You should have heard Killian yesterday when I was working with Sassy. He screamed and screamed for her. She never did answer him, which was nice, but he was starting to annoy me.

I just checked the weather report for our trip to CO on Friday. I'm not happy with the report at all. 50% chance of snow on Thursday with 20 mph winds on Friday. That means snow blowing across the highway.  Blowing snow makes for lots of icy spots, which makes for a stressful trip. I'm hoping that the weatherman is wrong this time.  He often is, so the odds are in my favor. But of course because I need him to be wrong this time...he won't be.

Nothing like a little healthy pessimism to start my week off right.


  1. I'm just getting to the part in horsepower about the gelding that attacks poor ren. How ironic! What a bully of killian!

  2. Sounds like Killian wants to be in control of everyone. He reminds me of our horse Mellon. He doesn't like anyone taken out of the pasture to work and will call to them occasionally. He really gets annoying with Dusty, his harem of one, but she ignores him. He always tries to nip her on the butt when she comes back but she's too smart for him and scoots right past. Mellon is the herd leader and I guess he figures its his job to watch out for all of them. He's a bit of a bully too.

    Hope the weather is good for your trip.