Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So today we get Sassy's final set of xrays and then next Friday we go to the New Balance Trimmer to see if he can give her some relief.  As I watch my bank account dwindle at the speed of a lame horse, I can't help but wonder if I am crazy.

Well yes of course I am, but I mean should I be saving my money?  I think I am on the right track, but I always question every decision I make. This time I'm just doing it out loud.

On a good note, in light of the vote of un-confidence I received last week, I have contacted a new potential trainer.  When I spoke to her she said that she can not give me lessons per say because she wants to be able to compete as a non pro, but I am always welcome to come and ride with her and her little group, and she will be happy to help me out.  She said to give her a call whenever I am ready. Well that was last week. I finally called her last night.

I always have to laugh at myself in situations like this.  I had sort of been putting it off, partially because I have been very busy, but if I am honest with myself, the real reason is some sort of misplaced shyness.  The questions of self doubt in my head are always circling, "Does she really want me to call or was she just being polite?" "I am so far behind her and her group, I will be more of a pain to her than anything."  You know...stupid stuff like that.

So anyway, I called, she answered (much to my amazement) and was happy to hear from me. She even said, "When you didn't call,  I was going to call you, but decided to let you wait until you were ready."

All silly shyness and self doubt washed away with just that one statement.

They are riding Friday evening, and then Sunday afternoon. I get to be in on both rides.  She was warm and friendly and appeared to be genuinely happy that I would be joining them.  Amazing!

Its funny because I have been acquainted with this gal for several years.  She sells Case Tractor and Equipment parts, and I sold truck parts. We had been dealing with each other through work for a long time, and I always liked her.  Then last year I went to the Ranch Horse Clinic, and she was the one facilitating it. I learned so much from her in that one day.  She is an amazing rider, and a fantastic teacher.  She can give criticism and advice without putting you down.  So I am very excited to be working with her again!

As it turns out, my son is going skiing in Jackson with his dad. TC is going to Billings with his 92 years old dad, and I get to stay home ALL BY MYSELF to take care of all the animals. (My ex and I have a great deal- he takes the boy, I watch his animals.  If we leave he watches our animals.)  I can't recall the last time I had days to myself.  I'm sort of looking forward to it.

This morning though I went out to feed my four legged fuzzy friends and my closest friend, Trax has a cut under one eye and his eye lid is swollen.  Its not swollen shut and I did not see any blood in the eye ball, but DAMN!  It doesn't seem to be deep, and I am sure it will be fine, but now here I am wondering if I am going to have to cancel my rides.  GRRRRRR!

I guess I will keep an eyeball on his eyeball, to make sure it heals up ok.  I seem to recall that last year I bowed out of the competition due to Eyeball issues!  ARGH!


  1. That's so great about the 'trainer!' She sounds like she understands where your coming from and will really help you out a lot! I'm excited to hear about sassys diagnosis, and I LOVE having the house to myself on occasion. It's so peaceful, I can lay on the couch (which I actually never get to do, we have one tv and my mom obviously has dibs on that and the couch) and watch tv and never even get dressed if I don't want to hahaha

  2. I'm glad you found someone else to train with. Having the right people around makes everything so much more fun.

    I just read this blog post and thought of your mare...

    1. Thanks for that link. I will check it out.
      I am really excited for this weekend. It cannot come soon enough. I am hoping that she will be pleased with the progress I have made, and hoping even more that she can give me some good guidance on where to go next.
      I just spoke with the vet who is coming he today. He said to look at Traxster's eye when I am loading up Sassy, if I see anything that worries me, to go ahead and being him along and he will take a quick peek. So that has relaxed me on that little issue.