Sunday, February 3, 2013

Good Bye Rose

Last night, Michelle's mare Rose passed away.
Vet is guessing it was a blood clot, or possibly too many toxins and not enough antibiotics. Since it was so hard to get any into her, she never did really have enough to fight off what ever that infection was.
All we know for sure is that she just laid down, went to sleep and did not wake up. She didn't thrash or struggle, once she laid down. That is obvious from the lack of marks on the ground.
Michelle is naturally pretty devastated, but is trying to take comfort in knowing that Rose is not in pain anymore.
Good Bye Rosie, run free in that big green pasture in the sky.


  1. I am so sorry it had to end that way. I'm glad to hear she went peacefully. Poor thing.

  2. SO sad to read this.Never easy , always leaves us just a little less when a horse we have invested our heart into is lost

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. That poor, sweet mare...wish she would have trusted people enough to let herself be helped. So sad. Very hard for her owner to accept, I'm sure. But her heart must be soothed to know that she is no longer in pain. :(