Sunday, February 10, 2013

Last day to Enter my "Pass it on" Book Give Away

Good morning fellow bloggers.

I just wanted to remind everyone that this is the last day to enter my little drawing for 2 wonderful books.

I will be having the drawing this evening.  So far we have 4 entries so those are pretty good odds!

We have gotten about 3" of snow so far in WY.  Not the 6-10 that they predicted but then we rarely get as much as they predict.

Even though I am not a big fan of cold, I do love how pretty everything is here after a fresh snow. Then the wind comes and blows it all into huge dirty drifts. That part i could do without.

My basement is coming along nicely.  I have all the walls painted, and it is not too dark after all. I learned that spray texture in a can, pretty much sucks, but with the darker paint you can hardly see the places where I messed up. LOL

Today I will paint the trim, install the ceiling fan,(with TC's help) and re-route the coaxial for Simon's cable so that I can rearrange the room.  Then TC will install new switched and outlets because the previous owners chose to paint over them all.  All that will be left then are some new blinds.  When it is done, I will post some pictures.

I hope everyone has a wonderful relaxing Sunday, and if you haven't entered, click on the link above, and check out. 



  1. I absolutely despise wind! Cold is SO much more tolerable if there is not wind getting in every crevice possible between clothing.

    Can't wait to see pictures of the basement! I hope you took before....I'm curious to see this four terrible colors hahah

    1. I didn't get before pics, but it was salmon pink, mint green, a darker version of mint green and off white.