Monday, February 25, 2013

Finally a Schedule

March 2nd- The shaggy paint goes to Halter clinic (oh yeah this should be interesting!) Where we will receive tips on how to show in a halter class and get some badly needed grooming tips.  In the RHS there is a halter portion of it, and I need to be prepared for that. ( I kind of hate to lose his wild and oh so cool, floppy mane that goes in different directions. It is sort of who he is)

March 16th- My most awesome trail horse learns the difference between a show trail and a cow trail.

March 30th- My hard headed, hard mouth paint, who drags around a suitcase full of baggage, will learn the fine art of Reining. 

April 6th- My old school ranch horse learns that there is a difference between Western Pleasure and        "Cowboy up!"

April 19th, 20th, and 21st- We travel far far away (about 60 miles) to Douglas WY, for the Wyoming Horse Expo.  This is put on every year by the Wyoming Horse Owners Association.  This will be a 3 day reining clinic by a top competitor and trainer, whose name I do not recall right now. But I was told that it will help me and Trax immensely. (er, I mean Trax and I)

May 25th- Open Horse show.  I see a lot of classes in this show that we might could do. There is a "Color Breed Halter" class. I don't know what that is. Will have to look into it. My horse has color but isn't registered so I don't know if he can be in that class. Besides I'm pretty sure that "color breed" doesn't really refer to paints.  There is Western Horsemanship and Western Pleasure, neither of which I think we could do very well right now, but perhaps after the clinics we could at least know what we are supposed to try to do. Then there is The Trail Class which we will enter, because it is the one thing I know he can handle. There is Walk Trot Pleasure, which I need more info about. He is getting pretty soft and easy so maybe we could do this.  OH! And I see there is a Ranch Horse Pleasure, now that is right up our alley, as long as no roping is involved. Obviously I need to find out more about the classes.

June 23rd- Ranch Horse Show, is the day where we will shine. This is the day where we show everyone just what we are made of. This is the day we have been training for all year. This is the day where we will show off his Mad Cow Skills., that didn't sound quite right. This is the day where he shows the doubters that he is a Bad Ass Cow Horse.  Yeah that's better.  This may also be the day where he face plants me over a stupid rope "gate"

That will probably be the end of the summer for us, because I am convinced that we will be moving throughout July. If not then there are more shows. In fact there is another Open Horse show on June 22nd. But since our main focus is on the Ranch Horse Show on the 23rd, I don't want to burn him out.

I know that some of you compete in some of these classes, so if anyone wanted to give me a heads up about what some of the classes involve, I'd really appreciate it.

UPDATE: Just got an email back from the club, they said at this show registration with a specific breed registry is not required, so we will be in the Color Breed Halter Class.


  1. That sounds awesome! I wish I could help explain any classes you don't understand, but I'm just as lost as you! Also, June 23rd is my 21st birthday! I bet you and trax will bring home a ribbon!

    1. Oh Geez! Now I'm under pressure!!! LOL
      Seriously, there are some really really good horses competing so I doubt we will bring home a ribbon, but I think we will excel in the cow work and the trail section. The only part we really fall short right now is the reining, but hopefully all these clinics will help a lot.

      I think I might also take Sassy to the halter clinic. She needs some exposure and I think it will be good for her.

  2. Wow, you really have it all planned out! Sounds like a wonderful summer. I can't wait to read all about it as you go.

  3. Oh how exciting! I just got my paper yesterday with all the cutting shows of the summer in it, but there are a few other smaller shows I sure would like to do with my other ponies this summer too. Let it begin :)