Sunday, February 3, 2013

Danny got beat up.

I put up a post last night, but then chose to remove it as I did not care for the way it was written.  I think from now on, I will save, wait 20 min, go back and read and then decide if I want to publish it.

So long story short, I am pretty much feeling like the worst horse mom ever right now.  Danny got beat up last night because of my stupidity.

I went and rode Trax and Killian, left Danny and Sassy out and when I got home let them all out together.  I watched them for 15 min or so, and Danny was staying away from Killian, and Killian was staying away from Danny. so I told myself they would be okay while I went to dinner.  It was the wrong decision.

When we got home Danny was obviously distressed and moving funnier than usual. He would not even let me near him until all the other horses were put away.  Only then and only for grain, would he let me come close.  He was very very upset.  Danny doesn't get upset often.  The only other time I have seen him like this was when Gambler tried to kill him and ended up pushing him through a plastic fence.  So I knew that Killian had been beating up on him.  Upon closer examination he has a few superficial abrasions on his front legs, a small cut just above the rear hock on his good leg, and a 1/4 inch deep cut on the heel bulb of his string halt foot.

It was about dark when I was looking at him last night, and I could tell that his mental condition was worse than his physical, so I left him be for the night.  Of course then I laid in bed all night and beat myself up over that decision as well. 

I now know that I made the right decision. Today I was able to clean him up with some diluted Betadine, and get a good look in the daylight at his wounds. He was calm and relaxed, which made this chore easier on both of us. I have a soft scrub brush I use for wound cleaning, and although it is a soft brush I'm not gentle with it. I scrub quickly and vigorously to get the job done thoroughly and quickly. He didn't move a muscle.  After getting the wounds clean I could see much better.  Most of them are, just as I saw last night,scrapes and some hair loss. Nothing too serious.  I washed them off, patted dry and put on some Natures Edge to keep aide in healing.  The cut on the bulb of his foot concerns me some, although he has had much worse and healed up just fine.  Again, scrubbed it clean, treated with the Natures Edge, and left it alone. He is okay with putting weight on the foot when he stands, he is moving normal this morning (Ok, normal for Danny) and was anxious to get to his breakfast.  He has no heat or swelling anywhere so that is good.

Here are a few pics.

Stringhalt foot, cut in the bulb.

Just a small scrape RF leg

The bigger scrape above the previous one, RF

Kind of blurry- but this is almost in his armpit, right where the hair swirls. LF

LR this one has a little bit of a cut, but not deep.  Glad it wasn't

 any lower. 
 These pictures aren't the greatest because I used my old camera. Water, soap and injured horses and the best combo for a good camera. 

I'm glad that he isn't hurt badly, it could have been worse I think.  Luckily Killian usually backs off one he has made his point.  I still feel like a crappy horse owner.  Or at the very least...a really stupid one!


  1. stop beating yourself up, stuff happens and from the look of his wounds they are a long way from his heart.He will survives as will his trust in you . Breath my friend !

  2. It happens, and it's OK. Unfortunately, no decision is ever black and white when it comes to living, breathing creatures that have a mind of their own! We just have to do our best, then hope for the best.

    Danny will be just fine. The wounds look ugly now, but in a few days they'll look 100 times better. Horses have an amazing ability to injure themselves, but they also have an amazing ability to heal.

  3. Thanks guys and I know what you say is true. He will be ok, and so will I.

  4. Sorry he got hurt. I've made the same mistake before, multiple times. For some reason thinking, "they'll get along this time." Seems like they always wait until you've watched them long enough to think they're going to be okay, then you leave. I don't have that rotten horse anymore though. Don't know why, but he'd always try to kill my mares.

    Danny will be just fine. Sounds like he already feels better.