Monday, February 11, 2013


I live about 3 miles "out of town" and my drive to work consists of going down "suicide hill".  I don't usually mind the hill, unless of course it is icy like it was today. 

At the bottom of the hill is a little valley where the North Platte runs through.  This morning the valley was thick with fog, and you could just see the tress sticking through  the top.  It was beautiful and I wanted to share it.   So there I was trying to keep the jeep on the road, watch the folks in front of me, and snap pics with my phone.   Just for the record, my jeep steering sucks even on a good day, it wanders, and follows ruts, and is pretty darn scary.  Luckily we were all going really slow, and I had it in 4wd, which helped keep it from trying to spin, but all the 4WD in the world doesn't make for better steering, especially when you keep letting go of the wheel to take pics. 

You can only see the fog on this one

Now you can just barely see the trees sticking up on the right

There is a boarding stable down there in that fog
In case anyone cares, Trax's brother lives there.
I don't know if they are really brothers,
but they could be, They look enough alike!
This is also the one where I almost ran off the road and down the hill
You can't tell it, but too the right is a very steep drop off of about 30 feet
Hence the name "Suicide Hill"

Also, "just for the record" I won't be trying this again.  I like a good thrill rush as much as the next gal, but this one was a just a little intense for me, especially when I almost went off the road at the one spot where I would have rolled for sure.

I did not quite get my basement done. TC is running the coaxial for me today, and then I will get it put back together...... And take some pictures.
I did not get before pics of the ugliest paint in the world. Sorry about that, for the one who requested to see it. I also have learned that I'll never be a professional painter.  I always end up getting some on the ceiling, so now I have to paint that too. I did get a nice throw rug which will match the walls nicely and cover up the spot where I spilled blue paint on my, what used to be, white carpet.  Its a good thing I hate that carpet!  Yesterday when I looked at it in the daylight I found that my tan that was supposed to match the tan in the hall, does not really match. So now I have to figure out what to do about that.

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