Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mare is Whacked

It has been snowing all day, so there isn't much to do but stay inside.  The horse show was canceled this weekend and with good reason.

I spent a good portion of last weekend parked in front of the TV for the superbowl and movies, and decided I was not going to do it again.  So I went to the it-was-finished-once-but now-it-isn't-basement, and started plotting.  There used to be cabinets and a sink like a little kitchenette, but TC ripped those out and traded them for a lathe. He has a bad habit of ripping things out of basements and then never going back to refinish what he destroyed!  So there were holes in the wall from former pipes, and about 4 different colors of the ugliest paints I have ever seen. 

I've been at it most of the day, made 4 trips to "Meenards" and have cut and patched the drywall, I have it taped and am waiting on the mud to dry so I can texture and paint.  I picked out 2 colors, one is a tannish color, with a cool undertone, which is the same color the hallway leading into the room was already painted. Its not a bad color and meant less painting. Then I picked a blue gray color, with a warmer undertone to it to do a couple of walls. It will actually end up being 3 blue and one tan.  I'm thinking it might be too much blue because it is kind of dark, but if it is, I can always make one more wall tan.  Regardless it is way better than the ugly ass colors it was.

I would love to find out the name of the guy who textured the walls I am working on, so I know who NOT to call if I need work.  They are so rough and uneven, it makes them almost impossible to paint!

Anyway, about an hour ago, I went out to feed my ponies, and once I locked Danny in I let the two red horses out for a few in case the wanted to roll.  I went into the feed room to scoop the cubes, and when I came out Sassy was waiting at the door. I left the door open and walked towards the gates.  Now keep in mind that the way my barn is built you have to go down 2 steps to get into the man door.  I turned around to see if she was following me, and she was gone!  In 2 seconds she had gone down the steps and in through the door. She wasn't into the food yet, but was just sort of looking around,, to see what was there.  I was really in a pickle then. I was afraid if I went in behind her, she would spook and step on the rake that was by the door, or get her foot in the bucket of tools, so I tried calling her.  She turned and looked but wouldn't come out.  I finally walked in quitely, while talking to her, and got a rope on her and got her turned around.  AFTER I moved the things that could hurt her.  She never did get excited or confused, but she looked a little butt hurt when I made her leave the way she came.   It was surely one of those, "I wish I had a camera" moments!

I swear, the mare is whacked!

Now, I am off to finish basement.

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